Hand Riveting & Dimpling Tool

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Part# 12-00177
MFR Model# 1001


Our hand rivet & dimpling tool is used for hand dimpling of skins and small parts and for hand riveting of parts, assemblies, and spars. This tool maintains alignment of the dies to each other, and insures proper alignment to the work surface for superior dimpling results over either rivet gun or free-hand dimpling methods.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 20" deep x 4" tall throat
  • Foam-filled 1" x 2" steel tube arm
  • Heavy wall aluminum channel base
  • Bronze 1/2" I.D. guide bushings for shafts
  • 1.5" extension shaft for dies
  • Adjustable die holder block.
  • Heat treated and centerless ground stainless steel driver shaft (2) one shaft has flat end for riveting with rivet gun & one shaft accepts 0.187" shanks for dimple dies & sets.


works good, well built.

Vernon H Verified Purchase


October 16, 2021

What a difference this tool makes. It made my job of fabricating a new panel with countersunk rivets an absolute joy to construct.

Peter M
August 10, 2020

Not sure how you build an RV without one of these.

July 5, 2019

This tool is very simple to assemble and use on a flat tabletop. I was amazed how much improvement it was over a hand-held squeezer or hand-held pneumatic air hammer. It's fast and precise for repetitious dimpling work and prevents skin distortion.

Oscar O
May 7, 2014


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Q: Does this hand riveting and dimpling tool come with a full set of dies?

No. This does not come with any dies.

Q: What rivet and dimpling set needs to be ordered with this tool?

We carry various rivet sets/dimple die sizes that you can use with this tool. As long as the shaft is 3/16" diameter on the dimple die/rivet set, it will work with this tool.

Q: How does the squeeze happen? Must the operator twist the handle?

You use a hammer(dead blow or mallet) to dimple the sheet. You can use a rivet gun but you have to be very careful.

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