ATS Deluxe Hand / Bench Rivet Squeezer Kit

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Part# 12-02406
MFR Model# 5022-DX


Hand riveters are good for their portability, but the biggest complaint is that they are exhausting when you have serious riveting to do. The answer to this was a bench squeezer, but at hundreds of dollars, they are beyond most of our budgets -- until now! The new ATS Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer gives you the best of both worlds at a price you can afford. It's a hand squeezer that converts to a free-standing bench squeezer in under 10 seconds! Just pin it into its cradle and you have a solid bench riveter; and when you need to use it as a hand riveter, simply unpin it. The ATS Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer has the same design features as our popular 5022 squeezer, including a 360 degree swivel head, and an adjustable ram. It uses all of the same yokes and accessories as the 5022, and will squeeze up to 3/16" aluminum, or 5/32" steel rivets.


  • 1-1/2 & 3" reach with 1-1/4" opening
  • Yoke swivels a full 360 degrees and locks into any position for greater versatility
  • 5/8" adjustable ram eliminates the need for shims
  • 21" Overall length

In The Box

  • 5022-3 - 3" Hand Squeezer
  • RS1009A - 1-1/2" Squeezer Head
  • RS-BK - Bench Conversion Kit
  • 4703-2 - 3/32" Squeezer Set
  • 4704-2 - 1/8" Squeezer Set
  • 4705-2 - 5/32" Squeezer Set
  • 4706-2 - 3/16" Squeezer Set
  • 4710-2 - Flush Squeezer (1/2")
  • 3710-2 - Flush Squeezer (3/8")
  • 4263DP-2 - 3/32" Dimple Die
  • 4264DP-2 - 1/8" Dimple Die
  • 4265DP-2 - 5/32" Dimple Die
  • 4266DP-2 - 3/16" Dimple Die
  • 6785 - Squeezer Set Holder
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I really appreciate this can be set up as a bench mounted tool. Very ergonomic.

Frank F Verified Purchase


June 2, 2021

everything is fine but I wish there were more instructions on usage.

James J
August 2, 2019


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Q: Does this model have an adjustable ram or does it require shims?

Yes, this is adjustable and does not require a shim.

Q: Currently I need to set 3/32 flush solids. Does this come with those dies?

Yes, this comes with flush rivet sets.

Q: Will this tool dimple 22 gauge stainless? 1/8?

Per the manufacturer: No.

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