ATS Pneumatic C Squeezer Kit

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Part# 12-03504
MFR Model# ATS-114CK


Our new ATS "C" Squeezer is lightweight and has the same power as the Chicago Pneumatic 214C squeezer on which it is based. It accepts the same yokes and attachments as the 214C squeezer, and is powerful enough to squeeze up to 1/8" solid aluminum, or 3/32" solid steel rivets. Complete kit includes ATS-114C Squeezer with a 1-1/2" yoke (p/n 14-3), a Longeron yoke (14-10), and a 17 piece assortment of squeezer and dimpler snaps.


  • Compatible with Chicago Pneumatic 214C squeezers
  • Squeezes up to 1/8" aluminum or steel rivets
  • Compact only 10" long
  • Accepts all squeezer and dimpling sets with a .187" shank
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The squeezer seems to work well on the rivets within its reach. It is a bit heavy. I am glad I bought it.

Walt M
July 27, 2020


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Q: How do you adjust the travel on the ATS Pneumatic C Squeezer Kit?

To adjust the travel you can purchase an adjustable ram for this unit. This will allow you to adjust and lessen the travel or add more travel to the unit. Please contact sales for information on ordering this adjustable part. It is a special order product.

Q: What is the squeezing force on this product?

Per vendor: 3000 lbs.

Q: Which adjustable set holder fits this squeezer?

Our part number 12-00615 will work with this unit.

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