ATS Pneumatic C Squeezer Kit

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Part# 12-03504
MFR Model# ATS-114CK


Our new ATS "C" Squeezer is lightweight and has the same power as the Chicago Pneumatic 214C squeezer on which it is based. It accepts the same yokes and attachments as the 214C squeezer, and is powerful enough to squeeze up to 1/8" solid aluminum, or 3/32" solid steel rivets. Complete kit includes ATS-114C Squeezer with a 1-1/2" yoke (p/n 14-3), a Longeron yoke (14-10), and a 17 piece assortment of squeezer and dimpler snaps.
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  • Compatible with Chicago Pneumatic 214C squeezers
  • Squeezes up to 1/8" aluminum or steel rivets
  • Compact only 10" long
  • Accepts all squeezer and dimpling sets with a .187" shank
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Works great. I switch dies a lot and material thickness, so I highly recommend getting this with the adjustable set. Part# 12-00615

Travers H Verified Purchase


October 4, 2022

Just received this kit this past week, and have used it several times. As the description is a bit incomplete and misleading (at the time I purchased it), I thought I would leave a more complete review. First, the unit works very well. However the stock unit DOES NOT feature an adjustable ram. In other words you cannot make fine adjustments to the ram position to handle rivets of different lengths, similar to most hand squeezers. So this means youll need to use washers if you need/want to squeeze rivets past a certain point. The goods news is that while this is slightly time-consuming, this is otherwise pretty simple to do--simply put a 3/16 washer on the shank of the rivet set, replace it into either the fixed or movable ram, and then go back after the rivet. It only takes a few seconds once youve done it a few times. So while not as convenient as using a squeezer with an adjustable ram, its really not that big of a deal. The second thing to note is that, at the time I purchased the unit (and then made this review), the product description states that the squeezer will handle up to 1/8-inch solid aluminum rivets. Thats incorrect: Ive tested it through #6 (3/16) rivets, and it seems to work fine--and the kit does come with sets for #3 through #6 rivets. I set my air compressor to 110-115 psi (the documentation included with the unit doesnt give a recommended pressure setting), and it bucks 3/16 AD470-6 rivets without issue. The only thing is that it took a bit longer as I needed to use more washers, one at a time, as described above. When bucking a #3 or #4 rivet for instance, you can get more range out of the ram travel because it doesnt take as much power to drive these smaller rivets. However when you get to #5 and #6 rivets, youll get a smaller effective range of ram travel because of how much force it takes to buck these larger rivets. Again, not a big deal because it WILL buck the larger rivets. And once you do a couple of them and get the hang of it, its much much easier than squeezing these larger rivet by hand, or bucking them manually if youre working alone. So I gave this a 4-star rating, simply because it doesnt have an adjustable ram and thus you have to use spacers. Its not a deal-breaker though as I mentioned. This unit is relatively light and easy to manipulate--and in fact the trigger safety mechanism does a great job preventing accidental discharges, which is a good thing given how much force this thing will generate. The sets included in this kit are nicely polished and seem to be well-made, and overall the unit seems to be well made and seems like it should last a long time if well cared-for. So I would definitely recommend this unit if youre in the market. If it came with an adjustable ram it would be perfect, but I understand that ATS might have one available (part number AE274). Its unclear from their website though, so I need to contact them for clarification.

April 1, 2022

The squeezer seems to work well on the rivets within its reach. It is a bit heavy. I am glad I bought it.

Walt M
July 27, 2020

After reading previous reviews about depth adjustability, I bought this along with the adjustable set holder 12-00615. Upon receipt, I observed that it now comes with the adjustable set holder. I tried to return the now extra set holder and was told that I cannot return it because it is a tool. Another hundred down the drain. The tool itself works pretty well after you get the hang of it.

Jay M
November 30, 2023

I received this tonight and, on first appllication of air and trigger, the ram did not move. After several more attempts, the ram suddenly became moble but was and still is gritty. A close examination of the ram revealed that the area where the ram foot rides isnt a riding area at all but just rough casting. I like to sneak up on rivets to verify anvil placement. We all do. Gritty ram movement just wont allow that. Additionally, the air hose swivel is just bad. It leaks right out of the box due to poor design. Sorry ATS, you really hosed this one up!

Pottstown E
December 5, 2023

can not squeeze a single rivet

Service T Verified Purchase


June 2, 2023


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Q: How do you adjust the travel on the ATS Pneumatic C Squeezer Kit?

To adjust the travel you can purchase an adjustable ram for this unit. This will allow you to adjust and lessen the travel or add more travel to the unit. Please contact sales for information on ordering this adjustable part. It is a special order product.

Q: What is the squeezing force on this product?

Per vendor: 3000 lbs.

Q: Which adjustable set holder fits this squeezer?

Our part number 12-00615 will work with this unit.

Q: What is the weight of the body?

Approx 5.5 lbs.

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