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Part# 12-01590
MFR Model# 53-RGK1


This kit provides all the essentials for straight and offset riveting. Four of the most commonly used bucking bars; eight cupped sets for 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" AN470 universal head rivets; three flush sets for AN426 rivets; two retainer springs; an air regulator for adjusting hammer blows; tool oil; an attractive molded rubber case for organization and storage; and a 4x rivet gun. Ideal for structural and sheet-metal technicians, home builders, and students.

In The Box

  • 4 Bucking bars
  • 3/32 AN470 cupped rivet set (straight)
  • 1/8 AN470 cupped rivet set (straight)
  • 5/32 AN470 cupped rivet set straight)
  • 3/16 AN470 cupped rivet set (straight)
  • 3/32 AN470 cupped rivet set (offset)
  • 1/8 AN470 cupped rivet set (offset)
  • 5/32 AN470 cupped rivet set (offset)
  • 3/16 AN470 cupped rivet set (offset)
  • (3) Flush AN426 rivet sets
  • (2) Retainer springs
  • Air regulator
  • 4X Rivet gun
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Product was delivered as requested and the performance and completeness of the set made this unit a perfect choice. The techs are very happy with the product also.

Jackson S
February 3, 2021

Im satisfied with your service. Thank you for doing your best for customer satisfaction.

Jonggeum L
December 30, 2020

good solid tool, decent quality bucking bars, plenty of rivet sets

Servomotive C
December 21, 2020

Thank You now I can get busy.

John T
October 20, 2019

Plenty of power, sometimes too much if using on aluminum projects, of course it is a 4X. The kit is nice loaded with just about all you need.

Steve M
February 11, 2014


Q: Can this kit be used with copper or brass rivets in steel?

This should work fine, the capacity for these tools is noted for Aluminum and steel.

Q: What brand rivet gun is included in this kit?

It is an US Air Tool Co branded gun.

Q: What is the shipping weight and dimensions?

It comes in a 15x12x3.75 plastic case and weighs 17 lbs.

Q: Where is the AT590RGK kit it made?

These are made in the USA.