Micro Mill

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Part# 12-00170
MFR Model# 2018


The Micro Mill has effortless, chatterless table and mill head movement. This is due to the unique design of our oversized gibs, ground steel ways, massive carriage, steel bed and vertical mill head support which makes the Micro Mill ready for CNC upgrade if you desire. Our small mill is really a scaled down big mill with manual operation. Other big mill features include large 0.001 graduations on friction adjustable micrometer dials for X, Y, and Z controls. Adjustable gibs provide full compensation for X, Y, and Z mill-ways wear. It all adds up to the best value in small mills. 15.5" table, power switch & cord included. Comes factory assembled. 2-yr. warranty.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


General Specifications:
* Height: 21-3/8" 26-3/8" * Dovetails, X-axis: 45; Y-axis: 90
* Width: 17" 22" * Z-axis: Steel box-ways
* Depth: 16.75" 21" * Max. bearing run out: 0.0004"
* Weight: 85 lbs. 105 lbs. * Pulley type: Std. 5/8" bore, multi-step V-belt
* Construction: steel, hard anodized aluminum on all moving components adjustable brass gibs and precision ground steel-ways, hand lapped for long life and accuracy.


Capacity: Spindle Specifications:
* Swing over bed: 4.5" (max. turning dia.) * Sealed precision ball: 1.5748O.D. 0.6692 I.D.
* Swing over cross slide: 2-3/8" * Spindle nose: 3/4" 16 (3/4" SAE)
* Overall length of bed: 15.5" * Spindle hole: 0.343
* Overall length of lathe: 15.5 * Spindle ID taper: 15 (30 included)
* Tool bit size: 1/4" * Max. collet diameter: 9/32"
* Drill chuck capacity: 0 to 1/2" * Pulley size: 5/8" bore
* Distance between centers: 9.75"
* Carriage travel: 9"
* Cross slide travel: 1.75"



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