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Part# 12-01683
MFR Model# 20200


Chaser cleans threads in spark plug hole of dirt, carbon build-up, and metal particles. Double ended for both 14mm and 18mm threads. Neoprene band on hex drive holds tool securely in any 13/16" deep-well spark plug socket. 1lbs shipping weight.
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Part arrived on time and was as was expected

Bill H
September 30, 2019

I had a 18 mm spark plug helicoil that had a tiny tip that broke off (fatigue failure I believe). I couldnât get the spark plug to start threading no matter what I did. A fellow A & P had this item, I borrowed it & GENTLY chased the threads with it. Viola, spark plug threaded first try. I havenât used the one I purchased yet but it is the same item my buddy bought. Works way better than the Champion spark plug chaser. Good for cleaning up threads but improperly used could also cross thread & damage them.

Gary S
February 18, 2018

It is a solid tool and priced right. Performs as expected.

Paul B
April 21, 2018

I thought this little tool would be good but when I used it, it resulted in a damage thread so I had to replace the thread in the cylinder. I may have used the tool improperly, so I wont put the whole blame on it. But I would suggest users to be very careful when using it.
April 17, 2017


Q: I am curious about what happens to the debris that this tool removes from the threads? On the bottom plug threads, gravity would help keep it from falling into the cylinder but the top seems as if the debris would fall inside pretty easily. What method is or can be used to keep this from happening?

The ATS 20200 Thread Chaser is intended to straighten out deformed threads without cutting. The "without cutting" part is very important as this tool is not a tap -- it is not intended to cut metal, but to reshape the threads and clean out residue such as carbon and dirt. The usual technique is to cover the threads of the tool with a layer of grease prior to using it so that the grease will capture the dirt and debris as it cleans up the threads.

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