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Part# 12-21395
MFR Model# KRC-1203


This aviation oil filter cutter will open any size oil filter canisters for your inspection. To use the tool, place the filter in a vice, attach the tool to the top of the filter, & rotate 4 to 6 turns to open the canister. Cutting wheel will stay sharp for about 50 uses, and is easily replaced when dull.The tool is made from 6061 aluminum anodized finish. The tool is ready to use on any oil filter with a male or female thread.
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Works very well. It’s larger and more heavy duty than it looks in the picture.

Casey M Verified Purchase


July 6, 2021

Worked great! Instructions say to put it in a vise but just holding it in my hands I had the filter cut cleanly in less than 30 seconds.

Richard C Verified Purchase


June 5, 2021

I previously wasted my money on an automotive-type oil filter cutter. In order to use it, it required me to cut off the male fitting on my airplanes filter with a hacksaw, which needed great caution not to introduce metal debris to the filter element. It also cut the outer casing too close to the flange, making removal of the filter element almost impossible. This one makes it easy. Before use, it is necessary to change out the installed automotive cutter support to the longer one for aviation filter use, and the narrower guide for insertion into the aviation male filter connector. Both items are included with the cutter.

Warren B
November 30, 2020

Works very good

Thomas L
August 24, 2020

there is one part missing, this cutter works great, but you need the cutter, for automotive also, because some filters have different heights to them, all in all a great product.

Donald M
July 16, 2020

Works well. Tip: Keep a little pressure on the top of the filter, towards the cutting wheel as the oil filter is turned. This keeps the wheel pressing against the side of the filter and tracking a straight cut.

David F
December 12, 2019

Easy to use and the price is good.

Patti L
April 12, 2018

Heavy duty, solid aluminum. The quality is what youd expect for a $46 tool

October 15, 2017

Works as advertised, includes the accessories required to adapt from female to male threaded filters

Matt F
February 28, 2020

Perhaps I should have realized this beforehand, but the oil filters I need to cut have male threads on them that prevent the filter from sitting along the bottom of the tool so it can reach the cutting wheel. To cut a filter, as a result, I have to first hacksaw off the male threaded portion, which I have to be careful about to avoid introducing metal particles into the filter, so its not quite as streamlined a process as I expected it would be. Once the filter threads have been cut, the tool works well, but it is really designed for filters with female threads instead.

Syzygy R
February 13, 2017


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Q: Where can I get a replacement cutting wheel for this Aviation Oil Filter Cutter?

We have the replacement cutting wheel listed in the "Accessories" tab on this web page. It is part number 12-21396 and is available to order.

Q: Will this aviation oil filter cutter work with the oil filters on a Rotax 912?

Yes, it will.

Q: Will this cutter open automotive oil filters?

We do not have any information on the use of this cutter with auto filters.

Q: Does this cutter come with an adapter to open filters with a male thread such as the CH48110-1 ?

This comes with a standoff that you would have to use to cut a male filter.

Q: How does this cutter work for male thread such as CH48110-1?

In short, the threaded stud on the filter is hollow, so one of the studs that come with this oil can cutter gets installed and hollow part of the threaded stud on the filter goes over the stud on the tool and then proceed as normal to cut the filter.

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