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Part# 12-01693
MFR Model# ATS950


The new Spark Plug Socket features a thin-walled design to get into to the tightest confines. Magnetic interior guarantees that you won't accidentally drop the plug during installation or removal. Works with all Champion and Tempest Aviation Spark Plugs.

Works with all Champion and
Tempest Aviation massive electrode
Spark Plugs
Thin-Walled design to get to the
tightly spaced plugs.
Magnetic interior holds spark
plugs and keeps them from falling out
7/8" Socket
3/8" Drive
3-1/2" Overall Length
Made of Chrome Vanadium Steel
1lbs shipping weight.


High quality. Expensive for a socket, but the magnet is good and strong. If the magnet keeps me from dropping just one expensive plug, then it pays for itself. I like it so far.

August 18, 2019

Its a good socket. I wondered if the magnetic feature was going to hold the plugs properly. The magnet seems to do a good job of keeping the plug secure in the socket during removal and installation. Ive payed more for specialty sockets and Ive payed less. So, the price is what it is.

December 6, 2018

This is a quality thin walled socket for spark plug removal and insertion as the magnetic feature helps guard against accidentally dropping a plug which is important with any plug--especially the expensive fine wire plugs.

Dwight T
October 7, 2018

Quality appears good. Used to replace six tempest UREM40E plugs and the fit was good. I did like the magnet that holds the plug over rubber method.

July 28, 2018

Great socket. The magnet is a definite improvement over the old rubber grommet.

Chad W
May 3, 2018

Great spark plug socket. Magnetic socket that hold the plug into the socket and the 7/8 end for close tolerance cowls makes it my go to economical spark plug socket

Bens M
March 11, 2018

Great socket. Works as advertised!

October 12, 2017

If you run Tempest plugs in a snugly cowled application, its almost a must. Because the socket also works on Champions you have both lines covered with one tool. When things are tight and there isnt room to get a ratchet or torque wrench in to turn the socket, use a crows foot attachment. The magnetic feature is very valuable, which anyone who has accidentally let a fine-wire plug slip from a socket understands.

April 24, 2017

Holds the plug great and gets in where you need it..

April 15, 2017

Works on all the engines I have tried it on. O-235, IO-360, O-470, IO-470, TIO-540, E-225, O-320, etc. Seems well made. Time will tell if it holds up to daily use. I think so. The magnet holds the plugs surprisingly well. Good fit and hold around the spark plugs and fits into cylinder spark plug recess.

March 11, 2017


Q: Will this socket work with Tempest URHM38S Fine Wire spark plugs?

Yes, this product works with all Champion and Tempest Aviation Spark Plugs.

Q: Does this work for the Autolite plugs, which require a deeper socket than the Champion?

It works with both Champion and Tempest plugs, and should work fine with the old Autolite plugs.

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