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Part# 12-00974
MFR Model# FAP-12


Holds 12 spark plugs each hole stamped with cylinder number also marked top and bottom so each plug can be identified easily, no mix-ups. Plugs can be serviced and returned back to where they were removed. a must for aircraft mechanics.

Made from 18 gauge steel.
Blue powder coat finish.
Dimensions: W4.0", L8.0", H2.6.
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Its perfectly designed to do what it needs to do, and costs much less than the alternative competition. They do have a better sticker tho. People complained about the handle being sloppy. I used rubber grommets from a pack I had from Harbor Freight and used tie wraps instead of the cotter keys I removed to install them. I also used a black magic marker to fill in the stamped numbers and it worked perfectly without much drama. Your angst and wallet may differ.

Charles K
October 13, 2020

Nice piece and fast shipping.

Gary W
May 11, 2019

The telescopeing handle design is nice when putting plug tray away in a tool box. Quality effective design and a resonable price.

February 11, 2018

Succeeds at keeping plugs organized. Cylinder labels at each position are etched in, a bit hard to read. The handle is free to slide down toward the tray when not being lifted. This is a bit clumsy, but useful when the tray is being stored to reduce the overall height of the tray.

March 18, 2021

Reasonably priced, well constructed, highly functional for task at hand.

Mike P
March 9, 2021

This is a great spark plug tray. The handle is a little flimsy, What ever you do dont put the spark plugs electrode down and try to move the tray the plugs will fall. The feet grommets are also flimsy, But as a spark plug holder its great we have 3 in our shop

Bens M
March 11, 2018

Not exactly what I was hoping for, its a bit flimsy. But, for the money its a good purchase.

Darren G Verified Purchase


May 27, 2021

Adequate but a little more flimsey than I expected. You get what you pay for.

William S
February 11, 2021

Pic shows handle chrimped so handle stays up. Handle falls down. A pain Everytime you pick it up

August 14, 2019

this item is NOT RETURNABLE Picture shows tray with handle extended. Handle is only attached with cotter pins so it is floppy and unstable when carrying tray, then drops down to tray level when not being carried. The feet are gromets with a corner cut out therefore they dislodge easily. This is an inexpensive tray that will work, however I modified mine by taping the handle ends and securing it to the tray with fiber nuts.

Bryan D
November 28, 2015


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