Spark Plug Cleaner Tester Dual-Voltage

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Part# 12-03184
MFR Model# SPCT100A


This popular Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester now works with both 120V and 220V sources, and has advanced circuitry to prevent thermal overload during heavy use. Itís smart, functional styling combined with rugged construction makes it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to reliably and accurately check the quality of used spark plugs. The cleaner section uses a powerful blast of air and abrasive to thoroughly remove carbon deposits from plugs. The recessed observation mirror is perfectly angled to display the electrodes of the spark plug so that you can clearly judge the quality of the spark as the plug is being tested. It is manufactured to the rigorous ISO 9002 standard and carries a full one-year warranty.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Operating voltage: 115V or 220V AC Single-phase 50/60Hz
  • Recommended air pressure: 100 to 140 psi (7 to 10kg/cm2 )
  • Cleaner section abrasive capacity (60# grain): 2 lbs (900g)
  • High-voltage output when spark testing : 24kV (24,000 V)
  • Dimensions: 19.3" (49cm) x 11" (28cm) x 10.4" (26cm)
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs (10.2kg)
  • Accessories included: 12mm, 14mm and 18mm spark plug adapters (2pcs each); 12mm, 14mm and 18mm cleaner gaskets (1 each); Adapter case (1pcs); Aviation Massive Electrode adapter plug (1pcs), Abrasive 1 lbs (900g)
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I have used both Champion and this brand in the past. Both work well. I really like being able to test two plugs at the same time. I also do a lot of work on experimental aircraft. Having the additional adapters for different plugs is very nice. The auto clean adapter is mostly useless. It does work for some plugs, but for the hassle it’s not worth it. If it was an option I would definitely not purchase it. Other than that. This is a great product.

Manhart L Verified Purchase


March 26, 2024

Mine worked perfect the first time I used it,just tried again and it blows the fuse when you turn it on Ill be sending back,will post comment after we see how we good the warranty is and how good after the sale service

Jeff C Verified Purchase


October 25, 2023

I like this unit, I have always used the Champion one at my Sons business and I think this one does the same job. If can make two comments, one is the air fitting, it is not very accessible or easy to change. Second it does not seem to have the same spark power as the Champion. It may just be me, I can not compare them side to side.

Barry C
November 7, 2019

The only way to clean and test plugs. I've used one in my shop for 30 years.

Champion A
July 9, 2014

I used 2 of these exact models and both of them are great for testing spark. Only problem is the fact that the cleaner doesnt work very effectively and compared to the SPARK PLUG CLEANER 2-WAY BLAST OR AIR P# 12-01684 it is very weak. Old shop bought one new and this new shop just got one and its not impressive to clean plugs just test.

Victor A
January 31, 2020


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Q: Does this work with glass beads? If we are not happy with it can we return it for full refund?

Regarding part number 12-03184. No, it will not work with glass beads. Returns within 30 days of receipt of order can be issued full credit as long as it is in new, resalable condition.

Q: Do you sell the internal resistor similar to the Champion unit for this unit?

Per the manufacturer: No, the internal resistor is not offered by itself.

Q: What is the manufacturers recommended abrasive for use with this machine?

Our part number for the abrasive is 91893.

Q: Is this only for automotive use? spark plug sizes are metric

This can be used for 12mm (small engine) 14mm (automotive) and 18mm (aviation) sized plugs.

Q: Where are these Spark Plug Cleaner Tester Dual-Voltage units manufactured?

These are made in Taiwan and then inspected and repacked by the vendor in the USA.

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