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Part# 12-02350
MFR Model# 53-134K


Kit contains:
  • 04-134SR - Safety Wire Twister
  • 04-134SR6 - Safety Wire Twister - Mini
  • 43-020 - Stainless Steel Aircraft Safety Wire
  • 43-032 - Stainless Steel Aircraft Safety Wire
  • 43-041 - Stainless Steel Aircraft Safety Wire
  • Kit Box 13"


Great kit ! As advertised

May 5, 2019

Rating is for apparent quality of the pliers and bag. Havenât used yet. Order and shipment was efficient with packaging just right.

October 1, 2018

Great tool

Jose F
May 21, 2018

Great kit to have, everything in one place and ready, Excellent. Thanks for the very timely arrival.

Gale H
October 14, 2017

Great little kit!

James A
July 29, 2017

high quality, works as expected.

Fred G
July 15, 2017

the pliers worked perfectly,and the carry bag has plenty of room in it for other tools.I think that this deal beats anything similar to what you could get at harbor freight.

Tim P
February 16, 2017

Looks to be functional. Not the highest quality but functional.

September 24, 2019

The Kit is a great idea and a time saving tool for working on the road and not in the shop. But the quality of the cutting feature on the pliers are poor. Once the wire has been twisted, the pliers will not cut the twisted wire. The handles are not strong enough and they keep compressing but the wire cutter jaws are not cutting. I like my old pliers from 20 years ago.

Terry K
March 9, 2017


Q: Can I order this kit with a .020 spool of wire instead of the .025 spool? The photo actually shows it with a .020 spool, so I'm not sure which one it will come with. Thank you.

This was a typo by our web site maintenance team. This kit includes .020 wire, not .025 wire. The web page has been corrected.

Q: Do the pliers in this safety wire twister kit have an automatic return?

Yes, the pliers in the kit do have an auto return.

Q: What is the length of each spool of wire in this safety wire twister kit?

This would be approximately:
.041 would be 223ft
.032 would be 365ft
.020 would be 935ft

Q: Are the included pliers 6 inch or 9 inch? Do you have a part number for the same pliers by themselves?

The pliers included in the kit are 9 inches. We do not carry the exact brand of pliers on their own, but we offer the exact same pliers manufactured by a different company under part number 12-00916.

Q: Can I order the wire only? Don't see those spools (in those lengths) available separately.

Yes, we do sell the safety wire in a 1 lb spool separately. Part # 05-02684 is .020, 05-02685 is .032, and 05-02687 is .041.

Q: Are the safety wire twisters reversible, both or one of them? if one of them which one.

No, the twisters in this kit are no reversible. They have an auto return function, but are not reversible.

Q: Are the pliers in the kit reversible?

No. They are not reversible.

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