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Loyds Rivet Drill Guide

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Part# 12-03749


This set is designed one size under bore and hardened C1144 steel for long life. The drill lube is to ensure smooth minimal friction between the drill bit and the guide, cooling the bit, keeping it from galling, which aids in longer drill and guide life. Dip drill bit in lubricant at least once for every rivet.

The guides are easy to use. First select the appropriate guide for the rivet being drilled.
    Use #41 drill bit and guide for 3/32 inch diameter rivets.
    Use #31 drill bit and guide for 1/8 inch diameter rivets.
    Use #21 drill bit and guide for 5/32 inch diameter rivets.
    Use #13 drill bit and guide for 3/16 inch diameter rivets.
    Use Letter "D" (.246) drill bit and guide for 1/4 inch diameter rivets.
Set conical recess over rivet head. Hold firmly with two fingers, making sure there is no movement from side to side. Dip drill bit in lube, insert drill into bore of guide and drill. Usually there is no need to drill much past the thickness of the rivet head in depth. After the head is drilled, the rivet can be punched out with little effort.

The guides allow you to drill straight and center every time. They are compact, easy to grip and easy to spot if dropped. They were designed to eliminate double drilled holes and drill bits "skating" off of rivets.
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In The Box

High Speed Jobber Cobalt Drill Bits
    LRDG-D For Letter "D" (.246) for use in removal of 1/4" MS20470 & AN470 solid rivets
    LRDG-13 (.191") for use in removal of 3/16" MS20470 & AN470 solid rivets
    LRDG-21 (.159") for use in removal of 5/32" MS20470 & AN470 solid rivets
    LRDG-31 (.120") for use in removal of 1/8" MS20470 & AN470 solid rivets
    LRDG-41 (.096") for use in removal of 3/32" MS20470 & AN470 solid rivets
Rivet Drill Guides
    LRDG-19-D Letter "D" Guide
    LRDG-19-13 #13 Guide
    LRDG-19-21 #21 Guide
    LRDG-19-31 #31 Guide
    LRDG-19-41 #41 Guide
BL-70104 Boelube 70104

BX-4648 Box with label & foam


Neighboring rivets or other parts need to be at least the width of the tool from the rivet being drilled for the tool to be usable - about 1 cm. Good for open areas, but not for anything near an edge that interferes.

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May 28, 2024

It was expensive, but they worked really well and we’re worth the money

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June 8, 2022

Just what the Dr ordered

Jeffrey H
November 4, 2018


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Q: Where is this Rivet Removal Tool Kit manufactured?

This product is Made in the USA.

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