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Description Part No. Price Buy
RIVET REMOVAL TOOL 53-400 12-00817 $48.85
TP-276 REPLACEMENT BITS #10 12-01128 $4.95
TP-276 REPLACEMENT BITS #21 12-01129 $3.85
TP-276 REPLACEMENT BITS #30 12-01130 $2.85
TP-276 REPLACEMENT BITS #40 12-01131 $3.95
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This quality tool enables the user to quickly and accurately remove rivets and blind fasteners. Comes complete with drill bits and guides, #40, #30, #21, & #10. Made in U.S.A.
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It works. Not well but it works. The tool grips the surrounding sheet metal and not the rivit as it should. It will mar the sheetmetal and does not center as well as using a center punch and drilling rivits out without the tool. The tool has three main parts that thread together. The end allows for depth adjustment which is nice except that it fills with aluminum rapidly (oiling every five or six rivits helps) and the end will unscrew causing more down time. What it does well it prevents the head of the drilled out rivit from remaining on the drill bit. It stabilizes the drill bit and helps prevent bits from breaking. I bought it to do work on my Airstream camper. I will be putting it in a drawer and getting the automatic punch back out.

Luke B
August 28, 2019

Just bought my first Airstream and needed to pull skin. Yahoo !!! this baby works as advertised !!!! Very well made tool and a breeze to use.

William L
August 1, 2019

The tool is made well but the bits break fairly easily. Go ahead and order a couple extra bits on the smaller sizes. Not for confined spaces either, this thing adds about 6 inches to the end of your drill.

July 26, 2019

Great product. Works!

Jb W
May 25, 2019

Does exactly what it is designed to. The collar keeps the drill bit centered on the rivet, and the drill drills the rivet out. Just make sure you apply downward pressure on the collar/tube to keep it centered.

Ray A
September 14, 2018

I used the tool to remove the rivets from a panel on my 1959 Airstream. The process is accurate and so much faster than center punching every rivet and then drilling them out. I love this tool !

June 21, 2018

Used this tool to de-skin a set of Cessna 182 flaps. It really saves some time and does a great job of helping with alignment. We used it to remove the skin and then drilled through the center of the remaining rivet with a smaller drill to weaken the rivet and allow it to be removed without enlarging the hole.

May 21, 2018

Great tool for removing universal head rivets. Does exactly what it is designed to do. Nose piece keeps the drill bit centered on the rivet head and depth adjustment keeps you from drilling too deep and enlarging the rivet hole.

James L
October 2, 2017

I purchased this unit to disassembly my Stinson 108-2 wings, the unit works fantastic, John and I disassemble 1 wing in about 6 hours. Also I need to remove the ring shank nails out of my 8 rabbited cedar siding to remove and replace 6 double hung windows, I capture the head of the nail with the collet and it cut the head off and allowed easy removal of the cedar board without damage. I would of have to purchase around 12 to 13 new cedar boards at about $76.00 per board. This unit saved me almost $1000.00

August 15, 2017

Ken C
June 18, 2017


Q: How does the rivet removal tool work?

Select then install the collet and drill size you need for the size rivet you want to remove. Attach the tool to a power hand drill. The collet goes around the rivet head, then power the drill, and push down to plunge the drill bit down to drill out the rivet.

Q: What is the material of the drills?

The drill bits are made of high speed steel.

Q: Are the replacement bits priced as a quantity of 1 each?

Yes, they are priced and sold individually.

Q: Does the Rivet Removal tool include bits?

Yes. It does include bits.

Q: Regarding part # 12-00817, is that a complete kit?

Yes that is the complete kit.

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