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Part# 12-03166
MFR Model# 16M-PSF


This tool changes the way landing gear struts are serviced. No longer do you have to put an aircraft up on jacks to add fluid to and fill Oleo type landing gear. This is a totally clean and safe process. No oil is spilled. The strut valve is not disturbed and the plane is sitting on the ground the whole time. This is safe for the technician and the aircraft.


  • It is a convenient, small, compact system, easy to use, and neat to store
  • Two tank system. One tank contains clean Strut fluid and the other collects the excess
  • Built in pump forces fluid into the strut to top it off and the excess is drained off controlled right from the unit
  • Large capacity 5 qt storage tanks are big enough for just about any strut
  • Can be used on struts requiring up to 3000 psi strut pressure
  • Made in the USA


  • Totally safe and totally clean! –No clean up. No oil on tire and brakes or the shop floor
  • 10X Faster -Save time and money because you don’t have to drag the jacks out and lift the airplane
  • 10X Safer- the airplane never leaves the ground, the technician doesn’t have to be under the aircraft while the strut is being ser¬viced nor does the mechanic have to compress and extend the strut
  • 3X the Flexibility -Strut service can be done now on the ramp or at remote locations freeing up hangar space and giving maintenance personnel more flexibility


The product works like a champ. Easy to use. Purchased some 5606H and Granville Strut Seal and followed the instructions for use (IFU) of the Bogert Strut Filler Tool. Great product!

Christopher N
October 29, 2019

I am an owner of 1995 Commander 114TC. Since it’s recent purchase, the strut has been service once years ago. I purchase Bogert pressurized strut filler tool to service all the landings. Assisting the A&P, the process was fast, safe, clean and reliable. The one of the main strut was less fluid than the other during extraction. Old fluid was dark red. Now all landing gears has equal amount of fluid by number pumps before N2 was added. The aircraft stance look better and I feel comfortable that the gears was service correctly based aircraft manual. I highly recommend this tool to all complex aircraft owners out there. It’s must tool. Thank Bogert aviation!

Alex L
November 11, 2017

This is a sweet tool and has saved me a lot of time and mess. The right tool for the job!

Nathan P
February 29, 2016


Q: Can you fill with air or nitrogen using this pump?

This is used to fill with fluid.

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