Bogert Aviation Deluxe Strut Service Tool

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Part# 12-00677
MFR Model# 16M-SST2


The Deluxe Strut Service Tool is easier to use than the standard Strut Service Tool. Typically, the aircraft is placed on jacks. The SUPPLY TANK of the SST2 is partially filled with fluid. As the SST2 is attached to the strut, the pressure in the strut and any foam is released into the RETURN TANK. The strut is compressed and extended several times until the discharge is all fluid. With the strut compressed, remove the SST2 and service with high pressure air or nitrogen.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 2 Large fluid reservoirs
  • Clean and Dirty fluids are segregated
  • Pressure is released into the bottle so no splatter
  • Simple and effective


  • Safer for the mechanic because pressure discharge is contained and hydraulic fluid is not atomized and inhaled
  • Easier to use because unit can sit on the floor leaving your hands free
  • Dirty fluid is not mixed with clean fluid
  • Saves time and mess because there is little or no clean up
  • The strut valve is not disturbed
  • The valve core is not removed
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A few fittings and some plastic hose with two tea jugs. Probably would not purchase again due to the cost and simplicity of item.

Todd W Verified Purchase


February 5, 2022

This tool made servicing my landing gear a snap. It was so easy to use, just fill it up, connect it and pump your gear up and down about four or five times and the old fluid gets expelled and the new fluid is sucked in. It took very little time to service all the landing gear.

James K
July 9, 2020

Simple to use right out of the box. Serviced both mains and the nose wheel in very short time. Definitely worth it

Jim K
July 8, 2020

This is a slick tool. Raising and lowering the strut 4 - 5 times completely flushes it and leaves it filled to the correct level. It is much better at leaving clean fluid in the strut since the dirty fluid is pumped into a separate container from the clean. It is easy to tell it is working by simply looking at the clear hoses, when the two are the same, or nearly the same color the strut is clean!

Ray A
October 7, 2019


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