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Part# 10-01021


An inaccurate tachometer can waste performance, fuel and engine life. Mechanical tachometers are notoriously inaccurate and should be checked at each annual and 100 hour inspection or any time aircraft performance is in question. The TruTach II Optical Digital Tachometer measures the true speed of your propeller from inside or outside the aircraft. Just point it at the propeller or rotor blades and TruTach II will directly display the rotational speed with a resolution of 1 RPM. No connection to aircraft systems is required and measurements may be made at any speed setting from 240 to 70000 RPM.

Direct display is available for 2, 3, 4, and 5 blade propellers. Digital Signall Processing assures rock-solid display in single and multi-engine aircraft as well as helicopters. The compact 4-inch instrument weighs just 4 ounces and may be used with fast turning ultra-lights and kit plane propellers. Just turn it on, select the number of propeller blades and point. Automatic shut-off turns the unit off if you forget. The Tru Tach II includes a standard 9 volt battery providing 150 hours of operation.
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Awesome little unit. Easy to use, easy to read. Confirmed my suspicions that my tach was reading high, which is unusual. Had my prop balanced after purchasing the unit and while balancing the prop, the mechanics unit showed I was turning at 2180 when my tach showed 2300. This little unit read the same as the mechanics prop balancer.

Jeff A
August 19, 2019

I didnt know what I was missing until buying this electronic tach. I have been flying our A36 Bonanza at 2320 RPM when the Beechcraft guage said 2400 RPM! This is a great addition to any propeller driven aircraft. Its accuracy is easily verified by simply pointing it to any florescent light!

George H
August 15, 2019

Excellent product. I keep it on the glare shield as a backup. Of course I still have the factory tach and use it primarily, and the analog tach is easier for run up tests etc. but this is a great way to always know your rpm exactly. You can see the governor operate and whether it’s wandering. It does get hot In the sun though. Battery lasts a looong time. Even though I have it on for every flight. Don’t forget it’s optical. At dusk it gets funny until it quits altogether. Also can give some interesting readings sitting behind another plane waiting for the runway.

Will H
August 12, 2019

Good cooperation.

Thai A
August 1, 2019

The tach matches my digital taçh in my plane rpm per rpm. It works great.

Darryl K
July 26, 2019

Worked well for me in bright sunlight.

David L
July 25, 2019

There should be one of these in every toolbox. Easy to use and very accurate. I discovered my tach was reading 200 rpm low.

Bill M
July 12, 2019

High accuracy confirmed with a FAA calibrated Microvib II prop balancer. Excellent tool to confirm accuracy of mechanical and electronic techs. Also a small independent battery operated backup for your flight bag in the event of a tach failure.

Robert E
June 8, 2019

This device works well. 4 star due to poor quality construction. Just touching the screen will cause the liquid crystal to bleed . A little more industrial robustness would make the price appropriate.

May 24, 2019

Works as advertised!

Lynn A
April 19, 2019


Q: What are the panel dimensions for the TruTach II?

The dimensions are 2-1/4" W x 1-7/16 H x 3-3/4" D. This product in not meant to be installed in a panel.

Q: Does the Trutach II Optical Digital Tachometer come with a protective casing or box?

The Trutach II Optical Digital Tachometer is packaged inside of a box.

Q: Do you have to set the Trutach II Optical Digital Tachometer for 2, 3 or4 blades every time you turn it on in a two blade C-172?

No, the Trutach II will store the desired number of blades and start with this input every time.

Q: Does the Trutach II digital instrument remain on for the duration of flight, or is one constantly cycling it prior to altering engine parameters?

The Trutach II is able to monitor changes in RPM and display them in real time. There is no need to turn the instrument off during flight.

Q: Does the TRUTACH II OPTICAL DIGITAL TACHOMETER Part # 10-01021 come calibrated or have the capibilities of being calibrated?

Per Trutach: The only calibration available is to switch from 2-5 prop blades.

Q: Will it work if I put it on the glare shield inside the aircraft?

Yes, the Trutach II is intended to be put on the glare shield for prop reading.

Q: Is this Trutach II Optical Digital indicator an FAA/EASA approved item and ifit cannot be installed in the panel, can it be used as primary engine instrument?

This unit is not FAA / EASA approved since it is not intended to be installed in a panel. You will still need to keep an approved panel mount tachometer.

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