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A durable semi-gloss, 1-part, air drying flexible paint available in over 50 popular aircraft colors. Recommended as the standard finish for the Poly-Fiber cover process. Also may be used over suitably primed metal components of fabric covered aircraft. Fabric damage is more easily repaired when Poly-Tone finish is used. All pigments are non-bleeding or fading. Will not oxidize with age. Poly-Tone is always thinned 4 to 1with Poly Fiber Reducer (65-75 or 8500).
Note: All mixed paints are special order and are non-returnable.
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Everything great. Only complaint? Previously I tried to buy MEK only to learn its crazy high price. (plus shipping of course) Months later I found Ace Hardware was again stocking it, but only in 5 gallon cans. No shipping to local stores made it, at $99.99 a good buy except that I dont need more than a gallon. I got a flying buddy to go halves with me. Now we bot have a years or more supply. Ive yet to learn why no retailers carry it. Only a substitute. Baloney! Even my congressmans office could not find out. Is it fear of lawyers, or some obscure and insane environmentalist law? Ditto for Plio Bond. Only green substitute at a higher price. I dont buy substitutes. I did find the real thing at another supplier---no problem. Turns out as Virginia goes Blue---following California and Oregon, its northern counties only join with the Northeast and a few other states in prohibiting it. I couldve asked further of Aircraft Spruce but I was too angry at you! The Aviation community must stop buying into the insane, global communist effort to strip us of our property and living rights under the guise of saving the planet! It is, next to the fake attempt to impeach Trump, an effort to turn us into another Venezuela or Cuba! Weve already cleaned up 90 percent of some of the admittedly wrong pollution of the planet. No, it is Earth that God gave us to subdue and develop for our use for our salvation. Of course we must care for it and not waste valuable resources. That is good stewardship. The best way of cleanup now is to dump half of government and its abusive rules and taxes that force us all to work harder to stay where we are. Forget about getting ahead! Dont forget inflation, the most abusive of our environment taxes. Keep up the good work, just fight back! Mike Smith Chase City

Mike S
November 9, 2019

This has the quality Ive been looking for Ive enjoyed using in the past and look forward to using it in the future

David B
October 25, 2019

Arrived quickly and well packed

Jeffrey M
October 24, 2019

Right on time. Thanks

Kenneth A
September 15, 2019

Clifford S
October 16, 2018

Prompt delivery. When we saw how thin the Daytona White was we sprayed it right out of the can, and it worked fine. We were repairing a 20 year old finish that was faded, but we mixed the Daytona, 50/50 with Insignia white and the repair matched the faded original perfectly. We got lucky. Weve always used Poly Fiber stuff and we like it just fine.

Don H
June 30, 2017

Good color, sprays on like water so plan on several thin coats to get good coverage. By the time you follow the whole system (Poly-prime, brush, spray) you should be ready for the poly-tone and to the first reviewer, there is a color chart if you look for it. Color seemed pretty close from chart on computer to sprayed on.

March 18, 2017

love the product

Kolb A
March 3, 2017

I painted the wings on my ercoupe using poly-tone. I thinned it 1 part reducer to 4 parts paint. It would have been impossible to spray this on the field w/o an act of Congress so I brushed it on using a 3 inch 10$ brush. 3 coats each wing surface required two quarts. OAT 67 degrees climbing to 85 degrees and direct sunlight. No problem at all and it really turned out fantastic. Do not try and roll rather stick with the best quality 3 brush you can find. Cheaper brushes will shed bristles and you dont want to deal with that annoyance.

Bob H
June 3, 2016

I purchased Poly-Tone 156 Portland Green and Poly-Tone 125 Tucson Cream in gallon forms. The cans both arrived damaged with the green being damaged at the seal (leaking). Id rate the paint a 5 and the packaging a 3 for an average of 4. That all being said, the sample card for Tucson Cream is not the same color as the actual paint. The actual paint is far more yellow while the sample is more of a light tan. Beware.

Todd L
August 26, 2019


Q: Regarding Poly-Tone paint: If a custom color is desired, can it be mixed to match a color sample?

We can only provide Poly-Tone paint colors that are on the Poly-Fiber color chart. If you wish you need a custom color matched from a sample, you will need to go directly through Poly-Fiber. There website can be found at:

Q: Is this Poly-Tone considered aerothane?

No. Poly-Tone is a vinyl based paint while aerothane is a polyurethane based paint. An example part number for Poly-Fiber aerothane paint would be 105-AQ-K.

Q: Will Poly-Tone adhere properly to etching primers such as zinc chromate and zinc phosphate?

No, Poly-Tone is designed to be used over Poly-Spray, which is a vinyl base material. Etching primers are used on metals, which a polyurethane top coat, like Aerothane is used.

Q: Is there a clear coat that can be applied to the Polytone paints?

Clear Poly-Tone is not available.

Q: Can Poly-Tone be used on Fibre Glass?

Poly Tone is a vinyl base paint designed to be used with other Poly Fiber fabric covering materials. It we not designed to be used on fiberglass parts. The two-part Aerothane or Mark II products are used for metal and fiberglass parts.

Q: What is the drying time for poly-tone?

Dust free in 20 minutes. Allow 12 hours drying before using masking tape.All drying times are given at 70 degrees F and 50% humidity.

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