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Part# 12-02816
MFR Model# 50297


Aircraft scale set by Mittler Bros.

  • 15 by 15 Inch Cast Aluminum Pads
  • 1500 lbs. per pad capacity
  • Lbs. or Kg.
  • Reads to 1 lb. / 1/10% accurate
  • Displays all information at once
  • Zero all pads at once or individually
  • 40 hour battery life (rechargeable)
  • 110V or 220V Charger (Specify at time of order)
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Q: Does the battery charger for the Mittler Bros aircraft scale set come in a 220 / 240V AC version? We dont have 115 here in Australia. Cheers John

Yes, it does come in either voltage configuration. You will be required at the shopping cart to choose whether you need 110V or 220V.

Q: I just wanted to verify that this Mittler Bros. Aircraft Scales Set has 3 scales?

Yes, this set has 3 scales.

Q: Do these Mittler Bros Aircraft Scale sets come calibrated?

Yes, they will come calibrated.

Q: Do these scales keep counting when adding weight to them when doing a weight and balance or do you have to remove the weight and start over?

These scales will keep counting as you add weight.

Q: Do these scales come with Certification for Aviation use (besides the calibration), to be acceptable to the FAA for the 3 yearly weighing of our C182?

Per the supplier: We do not do the Certification here, it would be $275.00 extra. It will take approximately 2 weeks to have this done and sent out.

Q: What is the max total weight this scale can handle?

1500lbs per pad would be the max total weight.

Q: What is the height of the Mittler Bros Aircraft scales and do you sell ramps for the scales?

The height of the scale would be 3". There are no ramps available for this.

Q: What is the total weight in lbs of the set of Mittler Bros Aircraft scales part 12-02816?

The total weight of all components that will ship is 79 lbs.

Q: Does the price includes the other accessories like wires, adapters, reading scale, etc?

Deluxe Aircraft Scales include custom 18 ft cables with Deluxe Stainless Steel connectors and software to calculate center of gravity height.

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