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Steinair Eyeball Vent AV125C - 1.25 Inch - Clear Aluminum

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Part# 05-04063
MFR Model# AV1.25C


Anodized CLEAR. OD is 2" and allows for direct connection of a 2" scat tube.

These eyeball vents are FAR SUPERIOR in their construction to those seen elsewhere and are of much higher quality. These are the highest quality vents that money can buy. For example, the Black Vents are 100% anodized aluminum....and unlike the overpriced and low quality vents produced elsewhere, these black vents don't require a "Plastic Flange" because of metal to metal contact . That's a sign of poor quality construction with metal on metal contact. These high quality vents have a nylon/delrin bushing encapsulated between the eyeball and the flange to protect the aluminum! On top of that, the larger vents sold elsewhere require a THREE INCH mounting pattern....4 Bolts which is much larger than need be. With these vents you simply cut a hole, install the vent and tighten the plenum or retaining nut behind it and hook up the tubing!

The vents include everything needed for need to try and cobble together your own plenum or flange for scat tubing. On the small vents you can just directly attach a 2" scat tube to the vent - and on the large vents they have 2" plenums. These will come with a "BAC" part number on them, but that's because they are normally for the cockpits of can figure out what the initials are for!
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Model Differences

  • For AV-125 1-1/4" Eyeball Vent, OD is 2" and allows for direct connection of a 2" scat tube.
  • For AV-1625 1-3/4" Eyeball Vent, OD is 2 3/4" and includes 2" Plenum Cup.
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Exactly as described. Im using them for my 1975 172M upper vent. very happy.

Kevin C Verified Purchase


February 21, 2023

Wonderful product! Sturdy reliable durable!

Utap D Verified Purchase


March 30, 2022

Very high quality. Smooth operation and as specified, seals fully.

Philip A Verified Purchase


February 18, 2022

These vents are very well made, smooth operating and attractive. I converted my old Cessna middle seat vents quite easily.

Ben C Verified Purchase


June 9, 2021

Purchased this for my RV8. It is truly a quality vent and Spruce got them to me quickly. As a toolmaker I look at the design, machining quality, and finish....this is passes all with flying colors. I would recommend.

Bob C
January 5, 2019

Great product but expensive.

Brian I
September 16, 2018


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Q: What is the measurement of the outer diameter of the widest part of this air vent (05-04063)? I am limited to a width of 2.23 and anything wider wilL not fit. Please advise.

Measured a unit from stock and it measures exactly 2.23".

Q: How far does the av125c protrude above the mounting surface?

Approximately 1/2".

Q: How much does this STEINAIR EYEBALL VENT AV125C - 1.25 INCH - CLEAR ALUMINUM weigh?

This vent weighs approximately 0.13 lbs.

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