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Part# 05-01017
MFR Model# H5000-2


Surplus Notes
    The surplus latches are sold in various random sizes. The model numbers may be the same but the depth range may be different from piece to piece. To Insure that customer gets exact sizes, they must order the non surplus version.

The Hartwell type H-5000-2 latch This unique spring-loaded, trigger action latch is for cowling and access doors. Made of corrosion resistant steel. Rivet or spot weld to structure.


Perfect fit for the oil access door on my 2003 Cirrus SR20

Darin D
February 15, 2021

Perfect fit and function

Darin D
December 31, 2020

Works great. Very strong latches. Better than originals.

Patrick D
October 19, 2020

Absolutely perfect solution to Cessnas engineering fopar. The 1960 C210 has an access door on the LH nose to the external power connector. That original design weakens at the halfway mark and is dangerous for flight. So instead of 2 latches (as originally designed by a guy laughing all the way to the bank) we built a new panel and added 2 more latches. This eliminated the ability to weaken the metal an also secures the panel better than ever. I am glad to know that you have them. Please get more. I will be fixing more of them.

Patrick D
October 10, 2020

Exact replacement for a broken latch on the aircraft. Good quality.

Cal T
September 2, 2020

Perfect fit for my 1957 Cessna 172 oil access door. As always, Aircraft Spruce had it out the door and to me within a couple of days. Thank you.

Cris H
August 4, 2020

Could not have worked better. Replaced an oil-access door latch on my 1957 Cessna 172. Perfect match at a great price.

B. C
June 18, 2020

Save yourself some money and buy these new surplus latches. Perfect in every way, these latched were built mil-spec, and will last longer ( in my opinion ). Than the full price new ones

October 29, 2017

The latch system was a direct replacement for the Cessna oil door latch on my C180. Worked great, and quite a bit less cost than Cessna brand.

Gary H
October 13, 2017

It may be surplus but it arrived looking like new and costs a lot less than new.

September 20, 2017


Q: Is this certified/ meet the MIL standards to be used on aircraft?

This product does not have any FAA Approval. Please contact your local aviation authority or A&P for details on certified installation.

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