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H-5000-2 Flush Latch

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Part# 05-11830
MFR Model# 21QRP21-102-132


The H-5000-2 latch this unique spring-loaded, trigger action latch is for cowling and access doors. Made of stainless steel. Rivet or spot weld to structure.

Bolt Offset: .132
Trigger Offset: .102
Max. Depth: 1.23
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


There are new and surplus models offered on this page. The new model is considerably more expensive but both are clearly labelled to help differentiate and make the correct decision.

Jeff M
May 7, 2013


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Q: I need more detail about LOCK H-5000-2. Are these priced and sold individually or in a pack?

There are two versions on this page. One of them is factory new and the other is surplus. Both versions are priced and sold per latch. The surplus model is much less expensive than the factory new latches.

Q: Is this H-5000-2 latch (part # 05-11830) surplus condition?

No, our part # 05-11830 is new condition. For surplus H-5000-2 use part # 05-01017.

Q: Im not really concerned about what size the surplus H-5000-2 (part # 05-01017) I would receive,, but I would like 2 the same size. Is it possible to request 2 of the same size?

Yes, use special instructions in Shopping Cart to request two of exact same size.

Q: Do you know the difference between H-5000-2 and H-5000-2-081-081?

We do not have any data showing these differences, we do not carry the H-5000-2-081-081.

Q: Could you tell me the width, length, mouting hole diameter of H-5000-2?

Width is 1.425 inches, Length is 2.680 inches and the hole diameter is .089.

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