Replacement Gas Seat Spring For Piper - MC587-404

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Part# 05-15030
MFR Model# MC587-404


Replacement springs just got more affordable!
  • Direct replacement - no conversion kit required
  • One required per bucket seat
  • Avoid downtime and expense of repeated overhauls
M10x1 metric thread (~0.39 inch diameter)
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Aircraft Eligibility:

Beginning S/N Ending S/N
PA-28-140 28-7425061 28-7725290
PA-28-151 28-7415001 28-7715314
PA-28-161 28-7716001 28-7716073
PA-28-161 2841001 2841365
PA-28-161 2842001 2842999
PA-28-161 2816001 2816119
PA-28-180 28-7405035 28-7505260
PA-28-181 28-7690001 28-7790358
PA-28-181 2890206 2890231
PA-28-181 2843001 2843999
PA-28-201T 28-7921001 28-7921095
PA-28-235 28-7410027 28-7710089
PA-28-236 28-7911001 28-8611008
PA-28-236 2811001 2811050
PA-28R-200 28R-7435035 28R-7635545
PA-28R-201 2837001 2837061
PA-28R-201 28R-7737002 28R-7837317
PA-28R-201T 2803001 2803012
PA-28R-201T 28R-7703001 28R-7803373
PA-28RT-201 28R-7918001 28R-8218026
PA-28RT-201T 2831001 2831038
PA-28RT-201T 28R-7931001 28R-8631005
PA-32-260 32-7400001 32-7800008
PA-32-300 32-7440001 32-7940290
PA-32-301 32-8006002 32-8606023
PA-32-301 3206001 3206060
PA-32-301T 32-8024001 32-8424002
PA-32R-300 32R-7680001 32R-7880068
PA-32R-301 3213001 3213103
PA-32R-301 32R-8013001 32R-8613006
PA-32R-301 3246001 3246999
PA-32R-301T 3257001 3257999
PA-32R-301T 3229001 3229003
PA-32R-301T 32R-8029001 32R-8629008
PA-32RT-300 32R-7885002 32R-7985106
PA-32RT-300T 32R-7787001 32R-7987126
PA-34-200 34-7450033 34-7450220
PA-34-200T 34-7570001 34-8170092
PA-34-220T 34-8133001 34-8633031
PA-34-220T 3433001 3433172
PA-34-220T 3448001 3448079
PA-34-220T 3447001 3447029
PA-34-220T 3449001 3449999
PA-44-180 4496001 4496999
PA-44-180 44-7995001 44-8195026
PA-44-180 4495001 4495013
PA-44-180T 44-8107001 44-8207020
PA-46-310P 46-8408001 46-8608067
PA-46-310P 4608001 4608140
PA-46-350P (w/ G1000) 4636460 4636999
PA-46-350P (w/o G1000) 4622001 4622200
PA-46-350P (w/o G1000) 4636001 4636999
PA-46-500TP (w/ G1000) 4697002 4697999
PA-46-500TP (w/o G1000) 4697001 4697398
PA-46R-350T (w/ G1000) 4692134 4692999
PA-46R-350T (w/o G1000) 4692001 4692999
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Came across the world faster than we get goods interstate.good quality fitted like a glove and now I don’t need a cushion

James P Verified Purchase


May 4, 2022

These we an exact fit for the original Bloc-O-Lift springs in my 1980 PA32 Saratoga. It took me less than two hours to replace the springs on the pilot and co-pilot seats.

Glenn C Verified Purchase


October 24, 2021

Easy install and works great on our PA-32 Cherokee 6 300

Steven W
February 23, 2021

All went well, thanks.

Jim O
September 7, 2020

I would highly recommend this Mc Farlane MC587-404. Its a direct replacement for Piper P/N: 587-404. I replaced this Gas Seat Spring on my 1981 PA32R-301 SP Saratoga. 3 bolts, very easy installation. It was an exact replacement. Works great!

Robert L
April 21, 2020

Very fast delivery. Product was the exact replacement part required. Easy installation

November 2, 2019

Product was easily found and ordered. Shipped and received rite away. Installed in minutes with no problems. Air Craft Spruce is always on the ball .

Patrick C
May 28, 2018

Purchased to replace a non-working seat height shock in my 1978 Archer II. I’m a short guy and need the full seat height to see over the panel. As a new aircraft owner I looked into whether this was something I could do myself and was glad to find that it was fully legal to perform according to Part 43 preventative maintenance. The shock even has a nice FAA-PMA sticker in case anyone comes knocking on my wing asking about it. Installation took about 20 minutes to remove the seat, and pull it out of the plane. Remove the bolts holding in the original shock and replace with the new one. FYI, my plane already included the adapter block from years ago to replace the original spring height adjuster and this shock simply screwed into it. Now I have a perfectly working seat height adjuster that lets me see over the panel for increased traffic avoidance. It may be listed as a cosmetic repair but I certainly feel a lot safer now.

Ken M
March 17, 2018

nice quality and it seems to work just like the original did 30 years ago. Was Easy to install in my Piper Archer

Victor H
December 7, 2017

The replacement spring assembly identified in the OEM replacement chart for a 1976 Piper Arrow ll did not fit the seat. I had to return it.

Steve C
August 28, 2018


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Q: Ken Ms review mentioned an adapter block for this part. Do you know what that is and do you sell it? This is going on a 78 PA 32R-300. Thank you!

That aircraft is listed on the application guide and the description says that it is a direct replacement no conversion kit required. You should not need an adapter.