Piper PA23 Fuel Cap CA16097N

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Part# 05-04161
MFR Model# CA16097N


Piper PA 23 fuel cap part number CA16097N is an improved version of part number CA16097. This new part uses an improved elastomer with superior fuel resistance. The fuel cap is eligible for PA23-235 (s/n 27-1 thru 27-4815) and PA23-250 (s/n 27-4816 thru 27-7554168) aircraft.



Hjalmar R
July 13, 2020

Lever on cap top could be more sturdy, stainless steel instead of aluminium.

Richard R
August 22, 2018


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Q: Do the two fuel caps listed for PA23s fit the PA23-250 serial # 27-4781?

Here is the application information for this fuel cap: PA23-235 & 250 SN: 27-1 PA23-250 SN: 27-4816 THRU 27-7554168

Q: I have a Apache with 160HP, wanted to make sure these Piper PA23 fuel caps have a vent hole? From what I'm told it has to have it.

Per the supplier: Yes, these do have vent holes.

Q: Can you measure the distance between the cap top flange and the highest point of the locking handle when the cap is in the locked position? I want to see if the cap will fit my Marchetti SF260. Need to see if the fuel door will close.

The distance you are requesting is approximately 2" in height.

Q: What is the diameter of the rubber part? I need it to fit in a 2.75 filler neck

Approx 2.5 inch diameter.

Q: will this work on the bellanca Super Viking?

The application for this fuel cap is
PA-23-235 S/N#'s 27-1 thru 27-4815
PA-23-250 S/N#'s 27-1 thru 27-4916
PA-23-250 S/N#'s 27-7304917 thru 27-7305234
PA-23-250 S/N#'s 27-7305235 thru 27-7554168

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