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Pressure fuel caps are recommended for aerobatic installations. These caps are made with Buna-Nitrile gaskets for fuel resistance. These caps are non-vented for gravity fuel systems. It is highly recommended that a #40 (3/32") drill is used to drill a vent hole through the lower base plate and stud assembly using a drill press.

The dimension referenced on these pressure fuel caps is the OD of the rubber grommet around the neck (base).
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Worked great as a replacement for a 1953 D35 Bonanza!

Kenneth L Verified Purchase


June 23, 2021

I purchased these fuel caps to replace the stock fuel caps on the main fuel tanks on a 1960 Beech Debonair. Ive not yet permanently installed them, but, as is, they look like they will work well with three exceptions. Id like the caps to fit a bit tighter when the locking lever is pushed down in order to tighten them in the fuel tank opening, I need to add a thin washer under the cam that is part of the locking lever - to do this, Ill need to drill out the permanently installed pin on which the locking lever rotates and replace it with a clevis pin as was done on the stock fuel caps. In addition, highest portion (when installed in the plane) of the locking lever will need to be ground off as it conflicts with the fuel tank door that covers the fuel cap. In addition, there is no provision on the bottom of the cap to attach the chain that is attached to the fuel cap keeper that helps keep you from losing your fuel cap while fueling. I may do all of this or, in the alternative, I may remove the rubber portion from the new fuel cap, cut off the bottom of that rubber piece so it is the same length as the rubber portion on the stock cap, and then install the new rubber portion on my stock cap. Of course, whether I use the new cap, or use the rubber from the new cap to repair my stock cap, the metal portion of the cap (other than the locking lever) needs to be painted bright red as was done by Beech. Ive seen replacement rubber pieces for sale for $400 - $500 a piece so, in either event, these new fuel caps will provide a good solution to the loose fitting rock hard rubber portions of the stock caps on this aircraft.

John R
May 12, 2021

Got these just for the rubber parts, which worked perfectly on my Siai-Marchetti SF 260 fuel caps. Its too bad they dont sell only the rubber because I just threw the metal pieces away.

November 10, 2017

Bought this to replace the last one which was 20 years old. Wish they just sold the insert, but it does whats on the tin.

March 31, 2017

the snap tops are to tall. wont fit mooney M20C. wing fuel cap covers cant close.

Roger A
September 15, 2020


Q: What dimension is referenced - the rubber grommet outside diameter or the top metal plate?

The dimension referenced on these pressure fuel caps is the OD of the rubber grommet around the neck (base).

Q: What I.D. are these caps meant to fit? The last explanation was a little vague.

The measurement is the estimated grommet O.D., so the measurement listed would be the I.D. of the neck it would be used on.

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