ANR Kit M-003-A For Standard Helmet

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Part# 11-12166
MFR Model# M-003-A


The M-003-A ANR Adapter is a product that will transform a current aviation flight helmet into a high-tech active noise reduction unit. The ANR Adapter comes as a kit and will fit all SPH-3, 4, and 5, as well as HGU-33, HGU-55, HGU-84, PRK-37, HGU-56, and all military style helmets.

Earcups with earseals are required for installation into aviation helmets. Included with this kit is one pair of silicone gel type ear seals that will fit most helmet earcups.


In The Box

  • 1 - Pair of modules (2 modules) - marked R & L. Each module contains an anr speaker, audio speaker, microphone and circuit board.
  • 1 - Pair of silicone gel earseals - designed specifically for helmet type earcups in order to optimize anr performance and comfort.
  • 1 - Battery case - Sliding door permits easy access to the 9v battery.
  • 1 - Power cable - 72 inch, 2 conductor (red = 9v+ black or white ground-).
  • 1 - Crossover cable - a 4 conductor cable, 33" length.
  • 1 - Zip-loc bag of installation materials: solder, 28ga wire, shrink-wrap, tiewraps, 2 fabric pads (black/ white oval), 4 pieces of poly foam insulation (4 dark gray crescent shaped pieces).
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Really easy install with the provided instructions, they have changed the new units to include a disconnect point. This is prewired to you’re not soldering on the unit itself anymore - which is a common failure point before they did this. If you have basic soldering skills you can do this. I’ll come back and edit my review when they fail.

Casey W Verified Purchase


January 24, 2022

Very good NR. Installation is for handyman. Good product. Very fast shipping.

Doron G
February 20, 2020

overall good product. needs additional instruction on foam and gel cell installation.

James R
June 27, 2019

Installed in three hours in my spray helmet, basic knowledge of soldering is help full, function tested ok work as they say , not as clear as actual factory ANR Headset but do work well, The finished product looks fairly neat if done correctly

Darwin F
May 6, 2019


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Q: Is this kit for high or low impedance? I have sph4b helmet

Per the manufacturer, this is for high impedance.

Q: Is this product noise cancelling or noise softening?

Yes, The M-003-A ANR Adapter is a product that will transform a current aviation flight helmet into a high-tech active noise reduction unit.

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