Artex ELT 345 Replacement 2 Wire Remote Switch

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Part# 11-13030
MFR Model# 8304


This remote switch was designed to accomodate 2 wire installations used on the outdated 121.5 MHz ELTs to reduce installation costs. The 3 position switch is always positioned in the default ARMED mode, but can also be used for testing your ELT or activating your ELT from the cockpit.
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Didnt need it turns out avionics guru inadvertently switch wires while doing work on the system, so was able to use the old switch. (There is a diode in the switch so wiring matters.) Aircraft Spruce was great on taking the return.

Marty H
February 9, 2021


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Q: What are the dimensions of the switch mounting plate?

1.3 x 2.0 inches, 1.7 inch depth. Recommended panel hole should be 1.06 x 1.45 inches.

Q: Does this Artex ELT 1000 remote switch come with the associated connector that connects to it?

Yes, it comes with connectors and pins.

Q: Does the Artex ELT 1000 remote switch require batteries?

Artex ELT 1000 remote switch does not require batteries it hooks up directly to the ELT.

Q: Will this switch work with ELT 345? (Lost the one that came with unit)

Yes that is the one that would come with the 345.

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