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If you use an iPad with ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, or any navigation software/device with terrain or traffic notifications, you need the BLUETOOTH Headset Interface. Our Bluetooth interface allows you to WIRELESSLY hear "TERRAIN" warnings or "TRAFFIC" notices, right in your headset - without the risk or inconvenience of wires!

This solves a critical safety issue - tablets and phones in the cockpit are exceedingly useful in providing safety information, but AUDIBLE WARNINGS must be heard by the pilot immediately! Cables wrapped around your controls to a yoke-mounted device or across your throttle quadrant are dangerous! Instead, utilize the Bluetooth Interface to wirelessly connect audio direct to the pilot headset**.

Compatible with Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, and any other audio-capable software on your Bluetooth-enabled device including stereo quality music for personal entertainment during flight. Garmin Pilot users will experience audible traffic and terrain warnings when paired with an ADSB-In and/or GPS source. Foreflight provides their customers with runway area alerts, pressure altitude alerts, and traffic warnings when paired with an ADSB-In source and ADSB-Out equipped aircraft. Please contact your preferred software vendor for more specific details on the prerequisites, alerts, and tones available with your chosen product.
  • Internal battery runs 4-6 hours between charges
  • Easily charge (even during operation) via USB cigarette lighter adapter
  • Pairs easily to any Bluetooth capable device
  • Use your favorite GPS or Navigation software - no software limitations!
Installation is easy; simply pair the BLUETOOTH Headset Interface to your Bluetooth device, then connect between the aircraft and your headset - this will route all regular audio to the pilot headset IN ADDITION to all audio output from your iPad or bluetooth device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Make safety a priority and get the Bluetooth Interface today!

** This product is for audio to the headset only, it does not support telephone calls through the headset.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Works great, I have used it for 30hrs now and its charge lasts a good while and the audio is really clear. I would say it needs a longer cord depending on the setup of your aircraft, but its really easy just to go buy a longer charger. Great product will end up buying 3 more.

Evin L
January 22, 2021

I use this in my M20 Mooney with a basic intercom, works amazingly well! Does exactly what I hoped it would do. I plug it into a rear seat jack and all 4 jacks get audio. No reason I see for any low reviews. Is it little and light weight? Yep. In aviation you usually pay extra for that :) volume control from the transmitting device is spot on. Does it stop audio during radio calls? Nope, but you don’t want to miss what is playing on the Bluetooth anyways. Busy radio traffic? Turn down the volume, duh. My 10 year old and I just landed in class B never missed a radio call and we jammed out the whole way! Oh ya I forgot, this is for ForeFlight annunciations... right, we got those too ) Is it a one size fits all, eh probably not but it is one size fits me perfectly! Recommended!

January 19, 2021

Fired it up today and the Unit worked great with ForeFlight / Stratus. Plenty of volume through Dave Clark’s. Good for the price.

June 20, 2020

I fly with an iPad/ForeFlight/Stratus2 as my primary means of navigation. ForeFlight sends audible warnings to the iPad speaker but, until I bought this headset interface, those warnings were inaudible in the cockpit. Now I can hear them in my headset! The unit is intended to be inserted in series with your headset, but I just plugged the male end directly into the passengers headphone jack with no headphone connected. This worked just fine with the intercom enabled. I had no trouble pairing the unit with my iPad. The unit worked really well, although I had to bump up the sidetone level in my Icom A-210 radio, and turn down the iPad volume to get the volume balanced with the comm radio. I have yet to fly with the USB charger plugged in to determine whether the unit adds noise to the comm radio.

John C
March 2, 2017

This device could use a little more Volume control and it does not turn off when there is a transmission on your radios. But great cheap way to add Bluetooth to a headset.

Andrew R
May 26, 2017

Absolute junk. A $4 plastic bluetooth device that has no volume. Tried multiple devices at full volume - it is so quiet it is hard to hear anything. I should have believed the negative reviews.

Mark B Verified Purchase


March 10, 2022

Just received this unit and the high pitch whine that others reported on is real. I contacted the manufacturer and they said that this is normal. WHAT!!! This was their email response to my question, There is a normal standard bit of digital sounding noise that occurs which is normal, but it cannot be heard with the engine running. So, wed like to know if you tested it with the engine running. It is NOT A BIT and I dont want to hear it in the background. I will be returning this.

Michael K
August 22, 2021

Works but has a nasty high pitch noise once Bluetooth is enabled

July 15, 2020

Complete piece of junk, can’t here anything due to low volume. Caused an audio issue in the plane on takeoff had to unplug it from the jack to fix it. DO NOT BUY

October 11, 2019


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Q: Can the CRAZEDPilot Bluetooth Headset Interface also be used to interface a cell phone to your headset for phone calls?

Yes, all Bluetooth enabled cell phones are supported.

Q: Can I use the CRAZEDPilot Bluetooth Headset Interface to connect to my cell phone?

Yes, all Bluetooth enabled cell phones are supported.

Q: Will the CRAZEDPilot Bluetooth Headset Interface connect with more than one headset, in other words - co-pilot too?

No, this is a single headset unit.

Q: Can you connect more than one Bluetooth device to the CRAZEDPilot Bluetooth Headset Interface simultaneously?

No, this is a single device unit.

Q: Does the CrazedPilot Bluetooth adapter drop out it's audio when ATC etc., breaks squelch on on-board com?

On Apple products it does lower the volume of the music slightly during inbound transmissions, however it is generally advised keeping the volume quiet enough on the device that all radio transmissions are always louder than the Bluetoothed audio.

Q: Crazedpilot Bluetooth Headset Interface: If I connect my iPhone thru this device, can I use my headset mic to talk on the iPhone? From the picture, it appears only one of the two headset plugs goes thru the Crazedpilot adapter.

No, this interface is for audio in only.

Q: Does this CrazedPILOT Bluetooth Headset interface require power to function or does it have a battery which can be charged?

It has an internal battery that runs for 4-6 hours per charge.

Q: Does the CRAZEDPilot Bluetooth Headset Interface support stereo audio?

Yes, it does.

Q: I dont see a cord (USB) in the picture to charge this while in operation in the airplane?

There is a cigarette power supply and a USB cable included in the package. This is to provide power to the Bluetooh device during flight.

Q: I use a Bluetooth headset for my primary audio as pilot. Can this be used in the co-pilot seat so they can hear too. Thanks

Yes, as long as the audio device can connect to multiple bluetooth devices at once.

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