Lonestar Cyclone - 21 Cooling Fan FAA PMA

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The Cyclone-21 is a compact (3 x 3 x 1") aircraft electronics cooling fan that delivers 21 cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment

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Works great!!!

Colin S Verified Purchase


October 27, 2022

Ron P Verified Purchase


February 8, 2022

Good product, for this application it was a direct replacement and modifications need. This is the replacement fan assembly for the old Troll Systems model of FN200-28V

Pae A Verified Purchase


August 9, 2021

Purchased with hose for additional cooling to a Garmin 430 and an Ipad docking station. Silverhawk Aviation here at KLNK installed both and did a great job. After installing on first flight I could tell the Ipad didnt get as hot as before. So far it seems to be working as advertised - *****

Chuck L
September 7, 2020

Easy to install - I love how they cap off 2 ports. I have only 2 tubes and I was planning to source a cap for the unused 3rd port and when I opened the box and saw the caps, I was quite happy I could skip this step. Fan is LOUD but thankfully my engine is louder. I only hear the fan if I switch on the avionics without the engine running. This thing moves a LOT of air!

Nathan M
June 7, 2020

great product

Lumanair A
January 24, 2020

Seems more like a 2 port. The bottom port doesnt put out much air.

Will B
September 2, 2021

Its killing me that I had to spend $167. on this noisy little fan. Hey Lonestar, every installation is different, so why couldnt you design a fan that can be flipped, for those that need the suck to be coming from a different direction. I put 90 minutes into flipping the fan in the housing, drilling holes, adding wire strain relief, and cutting off the outlet port that prevented the whole assembly from closing tightly, so it would fit in my Grumman. Its a crappy plastic fan in a half metal frame...somebody made a lot of $$ on this I have no doubt..but hey...its PMAd, right? The zip ties that are supposedly for securing the hose to the connector dont work.

Duffy F
January 28, 2022


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Q: Does it filter air? If not, is there a filter that could be put on it?

There is no provision for filtering built in. We suppose a piece of rigid filter material could be taped over the intake on the side, but that install would be at your own risk and responsibility.

Q: Will the Lonestar 21 fit on my motorcycle?

We do not have any data showing this is commonly used on a motorcycle.

Q: As this will be installed to cool avionics devices does the motor have electronic noise suppression?

No, this does not have noise suppression built in. A noise filter will be needed such as 11-08055 to eliminate the noise.