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General aviation’s newest and most advanced NAV/COM radio is pilot-friendly by design. That’s because we consulted pilots at every phase of a development process that started with a blank CAD screen and ended with the creation of a groundbreaking new radio for the 2020s and beyond.

The BendixKing KX 200 is an easy direct replacement with the same footprint as your current KX 155/165 radio. But that is where the similarity ends. The KX 200 features:
  • High-resolution color LCD
  • 50-channel memory presets
  • 25kh or 8.33kh channel spacing
  • Full featured digital NAV/COM with VOR, LOC, ILS, and glide slope
  • Compatible with existing indicators and installed equipment
  • Compatible with 14- and 28-volt systems
  • Possibility to expand capabilities with future Honeywell Anthem cockpit connectivity
  • Two-year warranty

BendixKing Makes Upgrading to the KX 200 Easy
Moving up to the KX 200 couldn’t be easier, since it’s a direct replacement for your current KX 155, 165 and can substitute other radios using the same tray and connector. That also means the KX 200 is compatible with existing equipment, which reduces both cost and aircraft downtime during the conversion
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Supply Voltage 14 and 28 volt system
Current consumption ≤ 750 mA @ 12V; RX RX stand-by mode
≤ 400 mA @ 28 VDC; RX stand-by mode
≤ 2.5 A @ 12 VDC; TX mode (m ≥ 70%, 1 kHz)
≤ 1.8 A @ 28 VDC; TX mode (m ≥ 70%, 1 kHz)
Operating temperature -20…+55 °C
Control interface COM: RS422
NAV: RS422
Dimensions HxWxD (install. Depth) 52.1 x 158.8 x 224 mm (2.1 x 6.3 x 8.8 inch)
Weight ≤ 1.5 kg
COM Transceiver
Number of channel memory 50 + 10 Last
Channel labeling Yes
Frequency range 118.000- 136.991666 MHz
Channel spacing 8.33 / 25 kHz
Modulation AM
Audio frequency response 350…2500 Hz @ 8.33 kHz channel spacing
350…3000 Hz (typically 300…3400 Hz) @ 25 kHz channel spacing
Sensitivity ≤ -93 dBm (typically -101 dBm) for AM 30%, 1000 Hz
Spurious response ≥ -33 dBm
Dual watch (SCAN) Yes
Climax operation YES, Class H2 receiver
Frequency change notification Yes
Squetch threshold 6…26 dB
Single / multicarrier distortions ≤ 25% (typically ≤ 15%) for AM 85%
Transmitting power ≥ 6 W @ 14 VDC, ≥ 10 W @ 28 VDC
Modulation capability ≥ 70%, ≤ 95%
Frequency stability better than ± 5 ppm
Modulated audio distortion ≤ 15%
Modulated audio response 350…2500 Hz
Stuck PPT 35 s
NAV Receiver
NAV channels 108.00 … 117.95 MHz
Number of channel memory 50 + 10 Last
NAV sensitivity -93 dBm, -107 Dbm (typically)
VOR/LOC output Composite signal for external VOR/LOC converter and indicator
Auxiliary power supply output up 500 mA
ILS energize output Open collector to ground discrete output
DME channeling Serial DME channeling provided for KN 62A, KN 63, KN 64
NAV audio output power ≥ 100 mW @ 500 Ω, ≥ 100 mW @ 600 Ω
IDENT notch filter ON/OFF
GS channels 329.15…335.00 MHZ

In The Box

  • King KX 200 NAV/COM With GS
  • King KX 200 Retrofit Adapter



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Q: Is the BENDIXKING KX 200 NAV / COM RADIO compatible with my KI 209, is it a direct plug in for my KX 155 and will it work with my KMA 24 Audio Panel? I have a Piper Cherokee 180C, 12V system

Per BendixKing: Yes it will, that is the beauty of direct replacement, it will work with all existing components.

Q: Will there be any interface with Garmin Products on the KX200? ie.. the GI 275 and the G3X.

No, this is an analog radio and cannot interface to a digital glass panel.

Q: Does the KX200 come with a tray/is there an option for a tray? Or is it only for KX155/165 replacement?

Yes, this will come with a tray as well.

Q: While neither says it directly, Garmin states the GI 275 works with the KX 155, and Honeywell states the KX 200 is a direct replacement. Can you verify whether the KX 200 will work with the GI 275?

Yes, this will work with the KX-200 but it will have limitations on its capabilities.

Q: Will the KX 200 directly replace KX 175 nav/com?

No, it will not replace a KX-175.

Q: When will the KX 200 be available?

These are expected to begin shipping at the end of Q4 2023.