Trig TT22 Remote Transponder

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Part# 11-16848
MFR Model# 00746-00-01


The Trig TT22 transponder is uniquely useful to HXr users because it is able interface with the EFIS remotely, eliminating the need for a separate control head on the instrument panel. This supplement is designed to help you connect the transponder to the HXr display unit and program it to allow optimal performance of both units.(Head Unit, not included)
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The interface between this transponder and the HXr allows for:

  • Remote mounting, saving space on the panel and providing a clean, integrated design
  • Certified Mode S with 1090-ES/ADS-B Out Support
  • Available as Class 1, 250-watt output (TT22) or Class 2, 130-watt output (TT21)
  • Specifications

    Specification TT22
    Type Transponder Class 1 Mode S level 2elsADS-B Class B1S
    Certification ETSO C88A, C112C, C166A
    TTSO C88b, C112c, C166b, approved for IFR and VFR flight
    Compliance ED-73C, DO-160F, DO-178B Level B,
    DO-254 Level C, DO-260B, DO-181D
    Supply Voltage (DC) 9-33 V
    Typical Current Consumption (at 14v) idle: 0.15A active: 0.34 A
    Nominal Transmitter Power 250 W at connector
    Operating Temperature for the transponder -40C to +70C
    for the controller -25C to +70C
    Cooling Requirement No fan required
    Weight 440g / 0.8 lbs
    Dimensions (mm) controller: H 44 x W 63 x L 54 mm
    transponder in tray: H 48 x W 68 x L 160 mm
    Dimensions (inches) controller: H 1.8 x W 2.4 x L 2.1 inches
    transponder in tray: H 1.8 x W 2.6 x L 6.2 inches
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    Just be aware that the TT22 is incompatible with the Vertical Power VP-X system. In my Highlander, the TT22 has small fluctuations in current at higher RPMs that cause the VP-X to sense a short circuit and pop the electronic circuit breaker. After working with the Trig and Vertical Power support teams (both were very responsive and helpful) we concluded this is an unsolvable incompatibility. Ive wired the TT22 directly to my battery contactor with a 3A inline fuse. It is working fine there. I really like being able to control this unit remotely from my GRT EFIS.

    Steve C
    July 6, 2022

    Ive not even fired up this unit yet in my Highlander, but be aware that if you intend to have this slaved off your EFIS... this unit comes without any cables, connectors, or documentation. Its just the transponder box itself.

    Mark W Verified Purchase


    September 10, 2021


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    Q: Does this Trig TT22 remote transponder come with the mounting tray?

    Yes, this comes with a tray - it's more like a mounting bracket, but it is included.

    Q: Is the GRT adapter included in the Trig TT22 box?

    No, it is not.

    Q: Can the TT22 transponder be mounted under the seating area of an Vans RV7A?

    Yes. This is a remote box and can be installed under your seating area.

    Q: Can the TT22 be mounted vertical or must it remain flat for a specific reason?

    Per the Trig install manual the tray should be mounted to a flat surface.

    Q: I have one unit installed and would like a second as a backup, could both be installed with 1 tc20 controller? does this unit come with the male pins and connector kit?

    Per the installation manual, it does not have that capability.

    Q: Is this TT22 remote transponder able to interface with and be controlled by an Avidyne ifd540?

    Per the installation manual, yes, it will interface to that unit.

    Q: Does this remote unit come with the installation kit that is included when purchasing the full system with TC20? ie TNC connector for antenna and the DB shells and pins to make up the wiring harness?

    This Part# 11-16848 only includes the transponder and the tray.

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