uAvionix Bundle Echouat With Skyfyx Remote Mount Receiver

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Part# 11-15209


The echoUAT is a Class B1S ADS-B UAT transmitter coupled with a dual-link 1090MHZ / UAT receiver. An integrated Wi-Fi system transmits traffic and weather to popular Electronic Flight-Bag (EFB) applications on iOS and Android, including ForeFlight Mobile. Direct interface support for common EFIS systems such as Dynon SkyView, GRT and MGL. A zero-install, internal wireless monitor decodes replies from legacy Mode C transponders for maximum retro-fit capability. Extensive position source compatibility, including the uAvionix SKYFYX GPS.

The echoUAT meets the performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227.

SkyFYX combines a high precision WAAS GNSS sensor with an integrated RAIM processor. Resilient against jamming, spoofing and GPS range errors—SkyFYX provides reliable navigation in challenging environments. SkyFYX is the most affordable ADS-B rule-compliant position source companion for the echoUAT ADS-B transceiver.

The SkyFYX meets the performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. For use in Experimental and LSA aircraft.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • Performs in low sensitivity or high GPS multipath areas.Battery backup fast TTFF.UAT Transmitter. Meets the performance requirements of TSO-154c Class B1S.
  • Dual-Link ADS-B receiver. Receives legacy 1090MHz ADS-B traffic and UAT traffic and uplink data. Meets the MOPs of DO-260B and DO-282B.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi to transmit In-flight weather, NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs and NOTAMS to EFB applications.
  • Setup Interface Options
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS)
    • iOS/Android (GDL90)
  • Mode, Squawk, Altitude. Ident
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL)
    • Direct (Sandia, Garmin)
    • Transponder Reply Monitor
  • GPS Position
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS)
    • External GPS (SKYFYX, Garmin WAAS GPS)
  • Traffic and UAT FIS-B (Weather) services
    • iOS/Android (GDL90 Compliant)
    • EFIS (Dynon, MGL, GRT)
  • SMA Antenna Connector
  • US Patents Pending
  • Directly connects to EchoUAT transceiver.
  • Connects to popular EFiS from Dynon, GRT and MGL Avionics.
  • UTC timing output for multiple uses including UAT Integrated RAIM processor for Security and Integrity Protection.
  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection.
  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors.
  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded.
  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied.
  • Patents pending.



Specification Value
Input Power 11-33V DC
Size 55x65x19mm
Weight 80grams
Operating Temp -45 to 80°C


Tracking -166dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Cold Start -148dBm
Hot Start -156dBm


NIC 7 – 0.2NM
NACp 11 – EPU < 3meters
NACv 1 – 10 m/s

COM1 Interface

Protocol NMEA + RAIM
Physical RS232 115200bps

COM2 Interface

Protocols Garmin ADSB+
Physical RS232 9600bps


Specification Value
Input Power 11-33V DC
Size 55x65x19mm
Weight 60 grams
Operating Temp -45 to 80°C

978MHz UAT Transceiver

Transmit Power 20Watts Nominal
Receiver Sensitivity -91dBm

1090MHz Receiver

Sensitivity --79dBm to 0dBm

COM1 Interface

Devices Dynon, MGL, GRT, AFS, Garmin
Function Setup, Control, GPS Position
Physical RS232 or RS485

COM2 Interface

Protocols NMEA, ADS-B+
Function GPS Position, Traffic, FIS-B
Physical RS232


Protocols GDL 90
Function Setup, Traffic, FIS-B
Physical 802.11b/g/n

Transponder Reply Monitor

1090MHz Mode A and Mode C

In The Box

  • echoUAT ADS-B Transceiver
  • Wiring harness
  • SMA to BNC lead
  • UAT(978) antenna
  • SkyFYX GPS Receiver
  • Remote mount GPS antenna
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Just an update to the initial review. I have to upgrade it to 5 stars. I called UAVionix customer support to get some input for trouble shooting the issue with barometric altitude output. Curt from support answered right away, was very knowlegable, and provided several trouble shooting tips. When I rang out the cable to the transponder I found I had squashed the serial connection wire in the DB9 shell and shorted it to the case. Easy fix, and the subsequent test flight produced a perfect score on the Public ADS-B Performance Report. In addition, Curt knew the cause of the faint 1 hz popping noise. The new UAT antenna is mounted too close to the COM antenna. There isnt really a better mounting position available, and the noise is very faint during taxi and inaudible in flight so its a non-issue.

Barry H
March 18, 2019

I installed the EchoUAT/SkyFYX bundle in my RV6 on 10-1-2019. The install and setup was fairly easy although I had a some issues with the EchoUAT detecting the altitude being sent by my GTX327 transponder, which was causing failures in the FAA PAPR report. There is an advanced setting to set the Transponder Threshold which is not documented in the installation manual. In my case, the default setting was 1550 and I needed to lower it to 1320. Once the setting was changed, the altitude reported correctly and the unit passed the FAA PAPR report with no errors. I installed the EchoUAT with a direct serial connection to my GTX327. This allowed the transponder mode and squawk code to be sent to the EchoUAT over the serial port connection rather than having the EchoUAT sniff the electric system for this information. I think the EchoUAT is a good deal and works as advertised. I love no longer needing a separate ADSB-IN receiver floating around in the cockpit. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because I had to do a fair amount of digging to find out the advanced Transponder Threshold setting would fix the altitude problem and they should include information about this setting in the installation manual.

Scott D
October 1, 2019

I ordered, received and installed the Echo and SKYfyx last week. Its a fairly complete kit and includes wire harnesses, remote GPS antenna and UAT antenna (slightly shorter than a transponder antenna). Mounting screws, antenna male-male adapter and printed instructions were NOT included, but fortunately I had the parts on hand. Cards with the URLs for the manuals were in the box. Curious that the provided stub coax cable (about 10 long) had a female end on it like the antenna. To configure the UAT an app has to be downloaded to your phone or tablet. The app was easy to use and can be used as a monitor as well to see what the transmitter is outputting. On the first flight I was able to obtain a Public ADS-B Performance Report. The PAPR indicated some of the barometric altitude reports had issues so that has to be troubleshooted yet. It was a short, low altitude flight so it may be that a longer higher altitude flight may be fine. I installed a serial connection between my Sandia 165 and the UAT with unshielded wire so maybe that has to be upgraded. The install also seemed to introduce a faint popping noise into the intercom on the pilot side. The ADSB in is working fine and showing traffic on my iFly. So far it seems like a good system for the money

Barry H
March 17, 2019


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Q: Will this ADS-B unit work without the MODE C transponder?

The Echouat transponder monitor works with your legacy Mode C transponder. There still needs to be a Mode C transponder installed in your aircraft.

Q: Does this UAvionix Echouat bundle Wi-Fi weather and traffic to my Android tablet?

Yes, this will bundle traffic and weather to your Android tablet.

Q: What antenna is included with this UAvionix Echouat Bundle?

The UAT(978) antenna comes with the kit.

Q: Regarding the external GPS antenna that comes with the SkyFyx - what is the connector on the end of the cable - MCX male or female? What is the length of the cable?

The cable for the GPS will have a male MXC connector and is 6 feet in length.

Q: Will this Uavionix EchoUAT bundle in conjunction with a mode C transponder fulfill the 2020 mandate?

Yes, this bundle will work in conjunction with a mode c transponder for 2020 compliancy.

Q: Does this bundle in conjunction with a mode C transponder qualify for the FAA $500 rebate program?

Please refer to the FAA ads-b rebate page for more information on qualifying units.

Q: Will this Uavionix EchoUAT bundle display ADS-B IN on my GRT EFIS or just on an EFB?

Per the installation manual the echoUAT can also send traffic and uplink data to the GRT EFIS.

Q: Does the UAVIONIX BUNDLE ECHOUAT WITH SKYFYX REMOTE MOUNT RECEIVER show traffic and weather on a Garmin 530W?

Per the installation manual yes, it will display on a GNS 530W

Q: What is the difference between this unit and the EchoUAT skyFYX-ext all in one?

11-15209 has the remote receiver with a dashmount antenna. 11-15210 all in one combines the GPS receiver with the antenna and is externally mounted.

Q: Does the echo communicate with Garmin 660 AERA?

No, these units do not pair.

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