Alaskans Fly Alaska DVD

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Join the fun as Alaska pilots sharpen their skills in vast and varied Southwest Alaska, an uninhabited, untamed, and undeveloped wilderness.

Experience the excitement of the possibilities open to the small plane pilot, flying low and slow through western Canada and Alaska.

Come along as they fly though Canada, following the popular routes preferred by experienced small plane pilots.

Explore Alaska's back country, where there are no roads and no people for hundreds of miles.

Touch down on remote beaches, sandbars, and fields, in places only the bush pilot can go.

Marvel at the breathtaking views of spectacular glaciers, ancient canyons, sun-bathed seascapes, and unsurpassed mountain ranges.

Enjoy an enthusiastic look at possibilities open to the small plane pilot flying in Canada and Alaska.

Watch magnificent clips of VFR route options through western Canada, and between Fairbanks and Anchorage.

See bonus footage of breaktaking northern scenery set to music.

Thrill as their pilots sharpen off-airport skills essential to flying safely in the Alaska bush, and learn to land on mountain tops, seaside islands, beaches, river gravel bars, and very short strips.

About Paul and Nancy Frith
The Friths owned a Cessna 172 when they were living in Oklahoma and Arkansas. They taught the ground school for a Beech dealership in Little Rock before moving to Fairbanks in 1971.

Though working full times as Health Officer for the northern half of Alaska, Paul was able to pursue twin engine and instrument ratings, becoming a flight instructor as well. He flew throughout the interior of Alaska in his spare time hunting, fishing, and delivering goods to the villages.

After retiring and purchasing a winter home in the lower 48, they bought the Top Cub. The DVD describes performance details of this bush plane.



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