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The FAA and NWS co-publish Aviation Weather Services (Advisory Circular 00-45G), which features full-color illustrations throughout and full coverage of the weather-related tools that assist pilots with flight planning and in-flight decisions.

This text thoroughly explains the many U.S. aviation weather products and services available to pilots. Weather product examples and explanations are taken primarily from the Aviation Weather Centerís Aviation Digital Data Service. The AC provides hundreds of weather website addresses for weather resources and definitions. It is an unprecedented level of convenience and study access for pilots planning flights and researching weather.

Aviation Weather Services is the main resource to use when studying for pilot certification exams and should remain a part of every aviatorís library. Includes weather station location tables, lists of contractions and acronyms, weather symbols, conversion charts, internet links, and more.


  • Copyright Date: see note below
  • Edition: see note below
  • Pages: 400
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.5"
  • Note: Print book is edition H
  • Advisory Circular ASA-AC00-45H

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Table of Contents

  • The Aviation Weather Service Program
  • Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METAR)
  • Pilot & Radar Reports, Satellite Pictures and Radiosonde (RADATs)
  • Aviation Weather Forecasts
  • Surface Analysis Charts
  • Weather Depiction Charts
  • Radar Summary Charts
  • Constant Pressure Analysis Charts
  • Composite Moisture Stability Charts
  • Winds & Temperature Aloft Charts
  • Significant Weather Prognostic Charts
  • Convective Outlook Charts
  • Volcanic Ash Advisory Products
  • Turbulence Locations
  • Density Altitude Tables
  • Contractions and Acronyms
  • NWS station Identifiers
  • WSR-88D Sites
  • Internet Addresses
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Q: It says in the description that it is AC 00-45G. The newest version is AC 00-45H. If I order this will I receive the AC 00-45H revision?

Current stock is ASA-AC00-45H. If ordered, you will receive ASA-AC00-45H.