Adjustable Epoxy Pump 3/4 X 3/4

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Part# 01-16010
MFR Model# 3/4X3/4


This highly recommended pump, aptly called "Sticky-Stuff Dispenser", will save about $50 in epoxy in building a VE type aircraft, plus time, mess, dermatitis, temper and risk of bad batches. Used by individual craftsmen and professionals alike, it is a practical engineering tool especially designed to eliminate the sticky, messy, costly hand proportioning of epoxy resins. It is well built and should last through the construction of dozens of aircraft. The Sticky-Stuff Dispenser assures accurate measurement of low-viscosity (under 3,500 centipoises) unfilled epoxy resin. The standard Model A dispenser pump is set for the Safe-T-Poxy system and delivers a ratio of 100 parts of resin to 44 parts of hardener . Pumps with other ratios (RAE system is 4 :1) are available on special order.

Note: This pump is for a 2:1 ratio. 4:1 ratio is available, please request in special instructions at time of checkout.
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Q: 1) will this pump produce a 4:1 ratio? 2) the ratio is adjustable on this pump correct? 3) what does the 3/4 x 3/4 represent?

1)Yes, this pump can reach the 4:1 ratio. 2) Yes, the pump is adjustable from 2:1 to 4:1. 3) Pump has 2 x 3/4" pistons which allow ratios of 17:100 to 65:100.

Q: Will this pump work with the MGS 335 epoxy system? We were planning to use a 50:50 ratio for the fast/slow hardener and using that mixture in the hardener container as that is the ratio we use most.

This pump is adjustable, and can be adjusted to meet the 100:45 ratio this MGS 335 resin system requires.

Q: Does this work with E-Z poxy system?

Yes this can be configured to the required ratio for E-z poxy.

Q: Does this fully mix the epoxy resin and hardener or does it only dispense them together in the right proportions? For instance, if I was doing a vacuum infusion could I dispense the resin and hardener mix straight from this machine into my laminate under the bag?

This only dispenses the correct resin to hardener ratios. The material will need to be mixed manually once it is in the cup.

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