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From $5.35 to $36.65
Width Edge Part Number Price Buy
1-inch Pinked 09-15450 $5.50
1-inch Smooth 09-15000 $5.35
2-inch Pinked 09-15500 $12.50
2-inch Smooth 09-15100 $11.95
3-inch Pinked 09-15600 $17.85
3-inch Smooth 09-15200 $18.80
4-inch Pinked 09-15700 $24.50
4-inch Smooth 09-15300 $24.80
6-inch Pinked 09-15800 $36.65
Subtotal $0.00
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Note: All sizes and types sold in 50 yard rolls

A layer of 2.7 oz. Dacron fabric strips or tape laminated into a layup as if it were an extra ply of glass. The peel coat wets out with epoxy like glass cloth and cures along with the rest of the layup. However, the Dacron does not adhere structurally to the glass and when peeled away it leaves a surface ready for glass-to-glass bonding without sanding. Poly/Dacron blend is excellent as peel ply for composite lay-ups.

Requirements for Small Aircraft

  • 3 Rolls of 1" x 50 Yds. Tape
  • 2 Rolls of 2" x 50 Yds. Tape
  • 1 Roll of 3" x 50 Yds. Tape
  • 1 Roll of 4" x 50 Yds. Tape
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The 3-inch wide Peel Ply with pinked edges peels up nicely after cure without leaving behind stray strings.

William P
March 9, 2020

Works great and is a lot easier than making it myself from sheets of peel-ply. The pinked edges are also great for minimizing stray nylon fibers.

Bo W
September 16, 2019

YAY! The 1 wide tape 09-15000 arrived with FINISHED EDGES! No more frayed edge threads stuck in the epoxy when used as peel-ply.

Gregory A
March 8, 2019

Great job supplying Peel Ply for my, now 42 year LongEZ N724DT project. I have relied on Aircraft Spruce for the entire project and have never been disappointed with their service and support. See www.OnWingsofGlass.com for a history of my never ending project and long deferred dream of flying my own aircraft. When I take to the wild blue yonder on my wings of glass, Ill forever shake the bonds of earth and soar with the Eagles!

Lawrence K
February 1, 2019

School uses it for Peel Ply on Composite project. Leaves a nice smooth finish for overlap.

Ed B
August 25, 2017

While building a 50% scale Dalotel, I like to put in as many details as possible and this product is another part of it ,

Roger F
February 19, 2017

Very poorly cut, with so many strings hanging off the edges was hard to use.

Phillip W
September 6, 2018

This Dacron (TM) polyester tape works well as peel ply, leaving a near-sanded finish on the epoxy surface when its ripped off. However, there is no longer any binding on the edges. It appears that the rolls are cut from a much wider roll, leaving loose threads on the edges which are left embedded in the epoxy when the tape is pulled off. These threads are very difficult and time consuming to remove. This does not happen with tapes with bound edges.

Gregory C
May 23, 2017

I bought the 1, 2 and 4 rolls. As mentioned by another reviewer, these tapes do not have selvage edges. They are cut from a wider roll. There are loose strands of fabric all over the edges. The cloth peeled off a cured layup just fine, but I had to then remove a large number of loose strands one by one. Each strand will prevent epoxy from bonding to it. So, it is imperative to pick each one with tweezers and pull them off the layup. I do not recommend buying this product. Other vendors have tape with selvage. Buy those.

August 25, 2018


Q: What does pinked mean with these Peel Ply tapes? Regarding part numbers 09-15450 & 09-15000

Pinked refers to the edge of the tape. There are straight edges and pinked edges. Pinked is a teeth-like pattern on the edge of the tape. "Pinked edges are used to increase the amount of surface that can actually adhere to the aircraft fabric when the tape is cemented in place. The actual edge area that will be cemented in place increases by over 41% when pinked edge tape is used versus straight edge tape." (credit: Ron Alexander) When working with composites, straight edge tape is primarily used. In fabric aircraft covering, pinked and straight tapes are used.

Q: Is there an MSDS for this product DACRON PEEL PLY SURFACE TAPES?

Per Vendor: We don't have one for this product because it is 100% polyester with no dye or finish (it is scoured to remove 99%+ of the processing chemicals used to weave it), but I will see what I can put together.

Q: Is Dacron Peel Ply tape same thing as finishing tape?

Yes, it is a polyester type like finishing tape used in fabric covering. It is used on experimental aircraft.

Q: Is each roll of peel ply tape 50 yards long?

Yes, each size listed is sold in 50 yard rolls.

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