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Polyester resins are hygroscopic (they draw moisture from the air). There are two types of resin, and one or both types may be required, depending on the application. Type "A" resin has a small amount of wax in it, which comes to the surface and forms a barrier against the moisture. This permits the resin to cure completely and the surface is hard and easily sanded. Bond Coat "B" resin does not have any wax content.

As a result the surface stays a little tacky, as the surface cure is being inhibited by moisture. This tacky surface provides excellent adhesion between coats. Bond Coat resin is therefore recommended for the first coat of resin to fill the weave of the glass cloth, for bonding fiberglass cloth to plywood or other surfaces and for multi-layers of glass cloth.

SURFACE CURING AGENT is used in polyester resin to improve sanding properties. Added to #1063-5 Bond Coat or #6060-5 Isophthalic, it will provide same sanding properties as in Type "A" Surfacing Resin. Use in Proportions of 2 oz. per gallon of resin. Surface Curing Agent is used in addition to catalyst.



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Q: Is this surface curing agent a wax + styrene solution?

These products are a wax used to help cure the surface of some polyester resins or gelcoats. (Part No. 01-07100, 01-07200, 01-07300)

Q: Painting after curing, will there be adhesion problems?

This material is a wax additive used with a type of polyester resin, and does raise to the surface so the resin can cure. The finished part would need to be cleaned and sanded for proper adhesion of any primer or topcoat.

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