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Part# 09-02544
MFR Model# AL13064


Fuel Tank Sealant “Single Phase” (one-part) A long lasting, permanently flexible “Single Phase” Polysulfide Sealant. Tack-free in 1 to 3 days, excellent resistance to oils, gasoline and diesel fuel Ideal for fuel tanks; cures to a firm flexible rubber seal with excellent adhesion qualities, can also be sanded and painted.


worked great

Thomas G
October 16, 2020

I used this sealant to replace fuel gage On a boat fuel tank. Worked great

Charles S
October 7, 2018

Used it to repair cracks around the handle of an old 5 gallon gas can. Per instructions it took a week to set up. It has sealed what was needed. It worked for me. Thanks.

Valentin T
April 13, 2021

Purchased to seal steel fuselage to aluminum skin. Went to use the product five months after I purchsed and it cured solid...in the container! There wasnt an expiration date like two part sealants. Never again.

Allan P
February 13, 2016

I built a tank and had a minor leak develop. I bought this product to seal my fuel tank pinhole leak. After applying this product per instructions, prepping correctly, I contacted Aerolife customer support to assure I did everything correctly. After waiting 14 days to allow a full cure, the tank leaked 20 minutes after testing and the sealant turned to gum. I threw the rest of the product away. It is a total waste of money, time and a false hope. I certainly do not recommend this product for any purpose.

Pascal R
September 18, 2015

Did not bond to aluminum tank. This sealant peeled away after a month in service. Nightmare removing all the bits from inside tank. I recommend using 3M products.

September 1, 2015


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Q: Can this be used to patch a small hole in the fuel take of a car from the outside top of the tank?

It will work to fix pin size holes.

Q: Is the Aerolife Polyprotech Fuel Tank Sealant suitable for use on a plastic tank?

No, it is not recommended for plastic tanks.

Q: Will Aerolife Polyprotech Fuel Tank Sealant adhere to aluminum?

Yes, this material does work on aluminum.

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