Interior Placard Kits For Piper

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These quality decal sets are designed to provide all the necessary placards for the interior of various production and homebuilt aircraft. These interior kits are color coordinated to match factory originals. Just cut the decals you want to use from the card and apply to the aircraft interior.
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The Trim Indicator Decal/Placard wasnt the exact one for a Piper Archer but it is still a good sheet for the aircraft.

Wilbert J Verified Purchase


March 6, 2022

The first time I did not arrive in the shipment, now they arrived, I did not have any product or shipping, seriousness and efficiency, excellent!!

Pablo C
July 29, 2017

Not a big deal to cut them out and they are exactly as the POH words them. The 3M material is excellent and sticks very well.

Bob S
January 4, 2018

exelent product

Pablo C
June 18, 2017

Like many things in aviation, this seems like awfully expensive for what you get. I ordered the set for a PA-28-180. Its as the previous reviewer described - two sheets of paper which require you to cut out each and every placard you need. If theyd been printed on a nicer material or been pre-scored, Id understand the price. Having said that, they did save me some effort in not having to track down the specific wording for my aircraft in the AFM or TCDS. I will probably reprint them later on nicer material when I redo my panel overlays.

Scott K
June 17, 2017

I would not have bought these if I knew they were not perforated. After 10 minutes of trying to deal with them, I trew them out. A waste of my $$.

November 25, 2020

These decals are printed on two sheets of 3M paper. You have to individually cut each one out by hand!! Ridiculous. Exacto knife, razor blade, straight edge and hours of your time. Would not have purchased if I had known this.

Perry P
February 15, 2016


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