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Mbx Brush Belts

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Patented Technology: MBX Systems are different from conventional surface treatment systems in that MBX Systems are based on several physical principles. Flexible brush-belts are inserted loosely into a cage-like adaptor system and secured with safety arms. The centrifugal force created by rotation causes the brush-belt to tighten and work as if suspended on a cushion of air. Advantages:Vibration-free operation: The vibration of the wire bristles that occurs when the bristles strike the target surface is absorbed by the air-cushion. The bristles re-strike the target surface at rest (without vibration). This achieves the maximum kinetic energy.
MBX brush-belt technology: MBX Belts consist of individual, U-shaped crimped wire bundles anchored in a polyamide fabric. Made of spring steel, the wires have hardened tips that strike the target surface individually during rotation.
Advantages: High safety level: The U-shaped anchor points of the individual crimped bundles prevent wire bristles from being thrown clear. No heat development: Avoid toxic fumes and no smearing during the removal of sticky materials. No grinding: No removal of healthy material, no deformations. Flexibility: High degree of adaptability when working on contoured areas or areas with sharp edges.Optimal performance: Because of their design, each wire tip strikes the target surface twice per rotation.Long service life: Specially hardened wire tips with a hardness up to 68 HRC (Rockwell hardness) provide for a level of hardness never before achieved with conventional brush technology.

MBX Belts are made of a high-performance polyamide fabric - tension resistant up to 440 kilograms. Individual bristles made of spring steel or stainless steel are anchored U-shaped in the flexible polyamide fabric. The materials used for the production of MBX Belts offer top safety and durability due to the high flexibility of the MBX Belts. No clogging - no heat built-up - no grinding. The high masses due to centrifugal force during rotation are absorbed safety by MBX Adapter Systems.

MBX Medium have angled tips to create a sandblast effect.

11mm is for expecially hard-to-reach-areas such as a 90 angles.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Model Differences

  • Medium (11 or 23 mm) For the removal of seam sealant
  • & corrosion on aluminum bodies.

  • Fine (11 or 23 mm) For the removal of paint
  • on aluminum bodies.



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