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Nuvite Extractor is a professional-grade suction-type soil extraction machine cleaning fluid. Its deep cleaning action makes short work of cleaning both carpeting and heavy upholstery fabrics, and, it keeps machine fouling down due to its low foaming characteristic.

The formulation includes color brighteners and a mild, fresh aroma without heavy perfumes. Additionally, Nuvite Extractor helps keep your extraction equipment clean and makes cleanup easy.

When you meet those tough cleaning needs in industrial and commercial buildings, or in aircraft, RV, marine, auto and truck applications, you can't do better than Nuvite Extractor.

Also works great with the popular small extraction machines and scrubbers for home upkeep use. Supplied in concentrate (1-2 oz. per gallon of water.)


  • Penetrates ground-in dirt and organics
  • Deep cleaning, low foaming action leaves no soapy or sticky residue
  • Has color brighteners and mild aroma
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable -safe and pleasant for users and environment
  • Safe to plastics, rubber and all metals
  • Non-flammable/non-combustible and non-corrosive to all metals
  • Hard water stable, cold water efficient
  • Supplied in convenient concentrate for dilution with tap water (1-2 oz./gallon)


  • Appearance: - clear, green liquid
  • Flash Point - none
  • Odor: - mild
  • pH - 9.0 to 9.5 @ 25 degrees C
  • Solubility: - infinite in water
  • Specific Gravity: - 1.032 @ 25 degrees C
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