Nuvite Nupower II Dry Clean And Polish

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NuVite NuPower II is used for routine dry wash cleaning with gloss enhancement and UV protectant barrier. This is the easiest in-place dry wash clean and polish -with U/V protectant you've ever used! Cleans great and brightens paint colors by removing light oxidation, and leaves the shiniest and slickest surface you ever saw. Bugs almost fall off, and dirt won't stick like it did before. Cleans dirt, carbon and oil and leaves a protective barrier against UV deterioration of paint. Can also be used to clean non-polished bare metal surfaces.
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awesome product

Ronald E Verified Purchase


July 20, 2023

Ralph M Verified Purchase


February 27, 2022

Just the right product for cleaning my polished Airstream Thank you Spruce

Perry T
June 29, 2020

Removes the dirt and grime. Does a good job of removing bugs too with some scrubbing. Buffs out to a nice shine.

Wade L
September 23, 2019

The previous owner of the Mooney I purchased added a bunch of speed mods and painted the fuselage but not the wings and tail. The paint was oxidized on these surfaces and I was looking for a compound/polish to bring back the color and finish to match the repainted fuselage as much as possible. My detainer went to work with Nu Power II and I couldnt be more impressed. The improvement was dramatic and the polished surfaces look 75% better than before.

Ron B
March 19, 2017


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Q: I was wondering if this product is appropriate for Dacron fabric covered planes.

It is safe for most painted and non polished metal surfaces. As always it is recommended that you test in an inconspicuous area first.

Q: Can this Nushine II be used on aluminum?

NuPower does a great job of cleaning up aluminum. But if you are looking for a polished metal cleaner theyd need NuImage.

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