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PTI Epoxy Propeller Coating is a general purpose epoxy aerosol. It is intended for use over metal and composite surfaces that are bare, scuffed, sanded, abrasive blasted, primed and previously painted surfaces while showing excellent protection. Aerosol

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I painted 8 prop tips in red and white. I shook the cans a lot before spraying and in between spraying. I turned the can upside down and sprayed until the nozzle sprayed clear when finished. I also stored the cans upside down as recommended. The work was done over 3 days. The spray came out as it should each time of use, there were no cases where the spray dribbled, or was not a fine spray. The colors look good. As with any spray paint, its necessary to be careful not to direct the spray at one spot or it causes curtains, as my father would call it, or it pools.....keep the can moving. A very good product, Ive just ordered more.

Ray M
July 30, 2020

Wotked well on multiple days. Flat finish was even. Covered well

Robert M
April 5, 2018

I had some issues with the paint due to high heat and humidity conditions. I called PTI directly and explained my problem. They took the time to replicate the problem in the lab and offer me a solution. Great customer service from PTI. If you order this paint from AS and are in extreme conditions make sure you inform them. PTI will change the chemistry of the paint to match the conditions.

Steven D
October 18, 2017

The flat grey was aokay. The black spat a little. Overall happy with the turn out after a 2000 grit polish.

September 1, 2020

The clear epoxy spray worked really well. Applied in 65-70 degree heat and made several light coats allowing the epoxy to build up. Between coats it’s essential to purge the spray nib or it’ll block up for sure. I waited 30 mins between each coat. It cures super hard and looks good. It did give my white prop tips a slight yellow tint though. Not enough to bother fixing but I know it’s there and it’s a bit annoying. One point off for that.

Luke T
September 8, 2019

Product ( 2 cans) expiration date 07/2020. Neither can would evenly spray or coat. I asked for refund.

Doc H
April 13, 2020

This paint went on my propeller terribly. I DA sanded the surface and cleaned thoroughly prior to application. It would not flow out and is blotchy and the surface is rough. I suppose it will do for another year but next annual Ill be removing my prop and taking this coating off. Ill find another paint for next year. I would not recommend this paint.

Mark K
November 5, 2017

My experience with this paint was horrible. First pass clogged after 0.5 seconds. Continued to clog after shaking, changing nozzles, etc. Finally got some spray out of it and then started shooting goobers of who knows what. Clean these off, try again. This happened four times. After that the can went into the trash and I went to HD for good ole Rust-Oleum. Sprayed just fine. Problem now is I have 5 other cans of this stuff in different colors and am afraid to even start with it. And, yes, it was totally in date.

Michael M
January 3, 2021


Q: Is this PTI Epoxy Propeller Coating in an aerosol can? How long does it take to dry? Any special preparations before painting?

It is in an aerosol can, and dries in approx 20 minutes. The tech data sheet is available on our web site for more details on preparation.

Q: Is the PTI Epoxy Propeller Coating a top coat or a primer?

It is a top coat paint.

Q: Can I spray green zinc chromate primer on a prop to cover metal exposed edges and painted areas simultaneously? I will then top coat with epoxy propeller paint. All paints are in aerosol cans.

The zinc chromate primer is best used with something other than a urethane or epoxy topcoat. The reason is that the solvents in those coatings can wet in to the primer and destroy adhesion.

With that said, we believe that if you allow the zinc chromate to dry 48-72 hours the epoxy coating should not lift the primer. We do of course recommend using our epoxy propeller coating because the solvents in that coating will flash off quickly. If the zinc chromate is dried hard those solvents should not have time to penetrate it. We recommend that you test whatever epoxy coating you intend to use to make sure that your adhesion is not negatively impacted. Let us know if there is anything else.

Q: What paint and primer is best for my propeller?

Per PTI: The primer you would want to use is the zinc chromate or zinc phosphate. The epoxy propeller coating listed on this page is the top coat for props.

Q: Is the PTI Epoxy Propeller coating designed to be sprayed on bare aluminium propellers? The tips of my propeller are exposed and are showing signs of corrosion.

It can be applied to bare aluminum, but it must be clean and free of oils, grease, salt, etc. Primer can be used if desired.

Q: Can I buy this thing in like say a few ounces?

We only have the PTI prop paint in the aerosol can this time.

Q: Can PTI Epoxy propeller coating be sused on wooden propeller?

No it is designed to be used over metal and composite surfaces.

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