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$186.95/5 Gallon
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Part# 09-04637
MFR Model# ZI-400-5GL


Zi-400 Anti-Corrosive Aircraft Cleaner

Zi-400 is restricted & not available for purchase or delivery to: Australia, New Zealand and those surrounding territories known as “Oceania”, U.S. territories and other territories ok.

Aircraft Cleaning Compound and highly specialized anti-corrosive industrial cleaning chemical. ZI-400 has been approved for use on Space Shuttles and is highly regarded in other aerospace applications as well. ZI-400 has multiple commercial approvals on file for a wide range of industrial applications.

Current aircraft specifications include:
  • Cessna Aircraft, Beechcraft
  • Bombardier Aircraft
  • Boeing D6-17487, Revision P (or later) Exterior Cleaning
  • Boeing D6-7127, Revision M (or later) Interior Cleaning
  • Douglas CSD No.1, Current Revision, Exterior/Interior Cleaning
  • AMS 1526B, Exterior Cleaner (Accepted by AIRBUS Industries)
  • AMS 1550B, Interior Cleaner (Accepted by AIRBUS Industries)
    (Re-tested December 2004.)
It has also been found that continual usage of Zi-400 on airframes can have a positive, long term effect on painted surfaces as well as the substrate. Most cleaning agents subtly attack the paint surface and lead to long term degradation evidenced as fading and chalking. This leads to film loss which is accelerated further by surface restoration procedures.

Cleaning agents can also be responsible for paint loss from surfaces by allowing or encouraging exfoliation and/or under film and even filiform corrosion in and around stone chips, nicks and scratches. Regular aircraft washing with Zi-400 not only will reduce or alleviate the issues mentioned above, it can also be of benefit by reducing oxidization of the paint surface.

Predominantly, aircraft cleaners dilute at ratios of somewhere between 1 part cleaner and 8 to 12 parts water for general usage. The recommended dilution ratio for Zi-400 is 1 part product to 30 parts water.


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To James: Weve had samples in long term storage 10+ years and have never had a leakage problem, nor from other customers over the past 20 years. Without knowing your details, Id suggest that perhaps there was some contaminant on your hangar floor that caused the problem with the jug. Better keep in on a clean shelf in the future just to make sure youre not cleaning your floor again with ZI-400! Cheers - Z.I. Chemicals

Barnaby Z
January 9, 2017

Cant go wrong with the only product providing corrosion protection while washing! Approved by Textron for Cessna and Beechcraft too!

Barnaby Z
August 17, 2016

Great cleaner but eats through the jug. I had a pinhole leak in the original container that I figured was due to a puncture. So I transferred the remaining cleaner to an new gallon jug. I returned from a long trip to discover this second plastic jug has also sprung a leak and all the cleaner was on hangar floor. Ended up with a sparkling clean hangar floor after hosing it all out. Would have rather used it all on the plane though.

December 21, 2016


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