Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit APU & Battery Charger

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APU BATTERY CHARGER 3 PIN PLUG 14V 25AMP2514117 volts 60hz. 3amps8.5x10x1222
APU BATTERY CHARGER SINGLE PIN PLUG 14V 25AMP2514117 volts 60hz. 3amps8.5x10x1222
APU BATTERY CHARGER 3 PIN PLUG 28V 25AMP2528117 volts 60hz. 6amps8.5x10x1233
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Designed to supply filtered DC bus power through standard APU receptacle in private and commercial aircraft. Up to 25 or 50 amp is available for operating avionics and flight control systems when the master switch is activated. It can also charge the battery through the plug at a 10 amp rate. Output is current limited, and will withstand starting loads. Voltage is limited to prevent battery overcharging.

DC Current and voltage are displayed on panel meters, voltage accurate to 00.00

Product Literature in PDF.
Operating Intructions in PDF.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Works Perfect. You can even use it for training on your new Panel!

Vincent R
November 14, 2019

As a power supply, this device works very well. As a charger, it operates differently than instructions, however it does work. For most aircraft, the battery will not charge in charge mode. I have found I get a charge in power supply mode with master switch off or on with no electronics turned on. The ammeter shows a charge either way. I have a Mooney Ovation, so the 3rd pin must be activated.

Fred W
April 6, 2017

Will not charge my Cessna 421 at all. And surges when in power supply mode

Brett G
April 4, 2024


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Q: Is this available for international use in 220V?

Yes, it is available but it is special order only. Please call sales at 877-477-78-23 or use the special order request link by clicking here.

Q: Can these units be used as a trickle charger and be left attached to keep a charge on the battery while away from the aircraft extended periods of time? I sometimes do not fly for a month and would like to be able to leave this charging. Also, is this unit able to provide enough power to use for starting in the event of a dead battery?

Per the supplier: The output is regulated at about 14 or 28 volts, and the battery should be able to handle that for extended periods of time. The unit does not crank assist, and should not be left connected when starting the aircraft.

Q: Can this unit be used to charge an aircraft battery cart? My company has several 28 Volt ground power units, composed of 2-12 volt and 1-4 volt batterys, and we are looking for a unit that we can use to keep the carts charged.

The manufacturer would recommend the APU BATTERY CHARGER SINGLE PIN PLUG 28V 25AMP. If you need a higher amperage, you can also special order a 50 AMP version.

Q: Does this Aux. Power Unit work on both 12 and 24 Volt Aircraft Systems?

No. This is for 14v systems only.

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