Val Avionics Cla 500 Cockpit Lighting Assembly

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CLA 500 is a Multiple Circuit, Solid State Cockpit Lighting Assembly that accommodates (4) independent dimmer lighting circuits such as instruments, sub panels, avionics, eyebrow, overhead, flood, and post lamps etc.The CLA 500 unit measures (5.0"l x 4.7"w x 1.5"h) with wt: 0.8 lbs. Rated at 14/28VDC input at 2.5 amps/circuit max. CLA 500 comes complete with 4 on/off dimmer control switches & connect- or assembly. CLA 500 carries a full 1 year factory warranty. Not TSO'D
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Q: Will this work with LED as well as incandesent lights?

Per the manufacturer: if the LED is designed for 0-12 vDC it should work fine. If it has any other voltage/Freq then it won't work.

Q: Will the CLA-500 (28VDC version) work for LED panel lights?

Per the vendor. "That is not a yes or no question. If the LEDs are designed to run on 0-12 volts then yes."

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