EarthX Jump Start / Charging Quick Connect Cable

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Part# 11-15073


You can permanently install this extra-long 48" quick connect cable to your battery (lead acid or lithium) that can be used for quick, easy access for charging or be used with a portable jump starter to jump start your battery in seconds! No removal of seats, no removal of battery covers, no tools needed, no time wasted! Engineered and designed to carry 400 amps of energy without melting the wire by using 150 strand insulated copper wire. The standard SAE fitting will fit any standard portable jump pack on the market today.

When not in use, keep rubber sealing cap closed on the SAE connector end.

If the cables get hot, disconnect and allow them to cool down before use.

Caution: Never use the supplied battery chargers pigtail cables that comes with your charger for jump starting as they are not designed to carry this amount of amperage. Only use the ETX-QCC4 cables to jump the battery.


  • Max jump start amps: 400 amps
  • Length: Battery “pigtail” cable = 48”/122 cm
  • Jump pack adapter cable: 12”/30 cm
  • 1/4″ / M6 ringlets
  • Industry standard 2-pole SAE connector, with rubber sealing cap.
  • Cable max. rating: 400 Amp
  • Premium cable product designed by EarthX, Inc.
  • 2-year warranty.
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Perfect item. Makes it so much easier to charge bike, but more importantly jump start bike without removing seat.

Joe P
May 14, 2020

Adequate sized cable for running from the battery into the cabin for the Jump Start. For my RV-7 if it were another foot longer it would have been much better.

Richard W
February 15, 2018


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