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Part# 13-15538
MFR Model# ACC-1078


The DualMicro is the top of the line DC charger for 12-28 volt systems. The USB ports on this device feature Rapid Charge technology, which allows you to fully charge 2 full-sized tablet devices in no time at all. The DualMicro supports 24 volt systems that typically output a charge of 28 volts, and are found in many aircraft. Just keep the DualMicro in your flight bag and you will always have all of the power that you need when you need it. Works with all tablets, ADS-B receivers, GPS units, iPhones, smartphones and any other USB powered device.

NOTE: For 12-35 volt DC systems.


Right tool , right job. Thought I had a charging issue with my power outlets. Turned out it was bad plug in units . Ordered the proper ones, problem fixed.

Mike G
December 20, 2019

10 out of 10. Works great and no static.

September 17, 2018

First charger I have bought that will actually charge my IPAD (not reduce the battery usage) and at the same time also charge my Stratus unit. awesome charger.

February 25, 2016

ACS sells an alternative item: 11-14110

July 7, 2016

Gets warm on my 12V system and causes tons of static on my radios. Doesnt put out enough current to charge iPad mini and Stratus 2S at the same time.

Matt T
April 12, 2019

Failed after 10 flights. And no it isnât the fuse! This is junk!

John E
July 14, 2018

The few times I tried the unit it got very hot. Pulled it out the other day because the I pad was getting low. Passenger asked if he could also charge his phone. After 10 minutes I noticed the unit was dead.

Mike O
March 12, 2018

This unit will not rapid charge two Apple iPads. The top port presents the Apple 12 watt protocol so it will rapid charge any iPad while ON, except the Pro 12.9. However, the bottom port presents the DCP protocol, which will probably power your ADDS-B box just fine, but wont rapid charge another iPad. The several iPads I tested on the second port did charge, but thought they were plugged into an Apple 5 watt charger and charged at 1 amp. Neither port would rapid charge my Samsung tablet.

Dean B
May 27, 2017

I used this charger on a 28 volt system. While charging my iPad Air, on 3rd flight an electrical smell became very apparent noticeable ! Toast !! Now searching for a better product !

April 22, 2016

I purchased this to replace the first model that My Goflight made that produced static on the radios. This one made no static when I plugged it in, but 20 minutes into the flight it quite. I check the fuse and it was good. My Goflight doesnt have any kind of warranty so buy one from another company. Im using this in a 24 volt system so if you have a 12 volt system it might not burn out so fast.

Steve J
December 28, 2015


Q: Will the USB put out 2.1 and 2.4 amps regardless whether the input voltage is at 12V or 35V?

Yes, the Dual Micro USB charger does put out those amps at all times.

Q: What is the rated output of this Mygoflight dual micro charger?

The output is 2.1 amps.

Q: If I use this on a 24v system does it step down the voltage from 24v to 12v or does it retain the 24v output? Need to know if I need a 24v to 12v down-step converter or not.

This unit has a 12-28vdc input and 5vdc 2a output thru the USB ports. No voltage converters required.

Q: Is this Mygoflight Dual Micro Charger FAA Approved?

No, this charger is not FAA Approved. It is considered an accessory since it is not hard wired to the aircraft. It would be similar to using the cigarette plug to charge your GPS, ie Garmin Aera 796. The cigarette jack itself that is hardwired to the aircraft would require a TSO for certified install, but what is plugged into the port does not.

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