B&C Alternator 30 Amp Gear Driven For Continental

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Part# 07-00771
MFR Model# BC433-H


BC433-H 30 Amp Gear-Drive Alternator for the Continental Engines (C-75 through O-300).

After many customer requests for a gear-drive alternator for Continental engines with higher output, B&C Specialty Products is pleased to present the BC433-H. Weighing only 4.4 lbs., and measuring 4 in diameter and 3.7 in installed length, the BC433-H alternator features a billet aluminum mounting flange, built-in cooling fins, and an innovative three-phase design that creates 30 amps at cruise RPM. Ships with a matching 14v three-phase regulator and 505-1 PM/OV Kit.

The BC433-H is sold less the Continental drive gear assembly (which is usually customer supplied), and requires the latest revision of the Hub (P/N 07-01327) and Retainer (P/N 07-01328).

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY


  • Billet aluminum mounting flange
  • Built-in cooling fins
  • Three-phase design
  • 30 amps of power @ cruise RPM


  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 4 in diameter and 3.7 in installed length

In The Box

  • PM/OV Kit 505-1 which provides crucial over voltage protection.
  • Mounting Gasket.


Hello! Can you confirm the Alternator is delivered with Mounting direct to Contenantal so the only thing we need to do is to transfer the Geardrive from old Generator? Regards Kenth

Kenth M
September 23, 2020


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Q: Is this B&C 30 amp gear driven alternator approved for certified aircraft or is it for experimental aircraft only?

This unit is not FAA Approved. It is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does the unit mount where the generator is mounted?

Yes, this would replace the generator.

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