Air-Maze 600314 Air Filter

Part# 08-01542
MFR Model# 600314


Applicability: Continental A-65, A-75, C-85, C-90, and C-125; Luscombe 8A through 8F, Taylorcraft, Cessna 140, Swift GC-1A and GC-1B, etc.; Piper J-3 through J-5, PA-11, PA-15, PA-17, PA-18 (90hp, 105hp, 125hp models) and PA-22 (125hp models)

Prior to use, oil by dipping in Grade 1 or Grade 2 of MIL-L-21260, and allow to drain for 2 to 4 hours. Wipe off excess oil.

Supercedes 40599 and 460-639


excellent works great

Carl E Verified Purchase


August 30, 2022

Works great, fit my Aeronca Champ w/ C-85

Michael Y Verified Purchase


November 19, 2021


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Q: What are the dimensions of the Air Maze 600314 air filter?

5" x 6.5"

Q: What is the thickness of the Air Maze 600314 air filter?

P/N# 08-01542 has a thickness of 1".

Q: Is there a bracket or retainer that goes in front of the filter?

The filter is in a metal case that attaches to the airbox. No need for a bracket or retainer.

Q: What are the dimensions of the A40599 air filter?

5" x 6.5".

Q: What is complete dimensions of the filter and box?

5" x 6" x 1"

Q: What are the mounting hole spacing on the 600314 air filter and box? I have continental P/N 50256 heat box which has 4-1/2 hole spacing width and aprox 3-1/4 length spacing.

These are spaced a 4-1/2 and 3-1/4

Q: Does it come with the retaining bolts?

No the hardware is not included.

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