Saf-Air Oil Drain Valve S6250

Part# 06-00637
MFR Model# S6250


Changing hot engine oil has never been easier! With the SAF-AIR oil drain valve, no wrench is needed to remove the drain plug. A simple push and turn of the SAF-AIR valve locks it in the open position. The valve is made completely from anodized aluminum and stainless steel components. These materials are used throughout the aircraft industry due to their strength and durability. FAA & PMA APPROVED.

Product Notes:
  1. NEVER fly the aircraft with the drain hose attached to the oil drain valve.
  2. Make sure that your landing gear will not activate the oil drain valve when you retract the gear inside the fuselage.
  3. Remember, the valve may fit on your engine, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the valve will work with your application.
Download the Application Chart in PDF.


  • Push and turn to lock open
  • Effortless operation with a sure-grip knob
  • Double-sealed to prevent leakage
  • All valves can be rebuilt


  • MATERIAL: 6061 aluminum and 302 stainless steel
  • FINISH: Anodized
  • TEMPERATURE: -60 to +260F (-51 to +127C)
  • O-RINGS: Seal kits available

O-Ring Replacement

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good fit

Jason B Verified Purchase


November 23, 2022


Paul R Verified Purchase


October 26, 2022

Installed, but untested at this point. Anticipate much easier oil change in the future for my Cessna 150.

Daniel L Verified Purchase


September 28, 2021

Great failsafe quick drain although there can be installation problems on small continental engines, especially those with dented/distorted/repaired kidney tanks or from over tightening the QD such that the crush washer is completely flattened. When installed, some QDs fail to lock in the open position. Nothing is wrong with the QD itself, rather the top of the drain hits the oil suction tube so the QD cant be extended far enough up to lock open. Installing the QD with a new crush washer or an extra spacer washer generally provides enough clearance for the QD to operate as designed. One comment was about the QD threads missing and leaking at the gasket. Please note the QD has straight threads as does the kidney tank. Straight threads not intended or designed to make a seal. Sealing is face to face with a copper crush washer in between the QD shoulder and the oil tank shoulder. All the QD threads do is pull the two faces together crushing the washer and forming an oil tight seal. If the QDl is weeping oil at the crush gasket, check to see if the oil tank face is cracked or damaged. I hope this note helps anyone who is having installation problems.

Richard H
September 7, 2021

Gerald G Verified Purchase


June 30, 2021

My S6250 will not stay in up and locked open position. When lifted all the way up, the blue gnarled grip ring just turns around and around. So, I have to kneel there and hold the quick drain in the open position in order for it to drain. It’s awkward and uncomfortable when draining hot oil. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Previous owner installed it shortly before I bought the plane. Stopped working after three or four changes. Not sure I trust buying another one at those prices and no warranty.

Ken T
February 8, 2021

Leaked after 10 hrs flight time! Putting the original plug back in. 😡

Michael C
May 29, 2021

The 5/8-18 threaded SAF-AIR valve has a serious defect in the manufacture of the valve. The threaded portion of the valve does not extend to the installation gasket (AN900-10 copper crush washer) seal surface. The threads have been cut away in that area leaving the 1/8 inch section where the seal washer is undersize. Therefore there is nothing to hold the seal washer centered on the valve and the seal washer will or may move off center when the valve is torqued. Being off center leaves the seal washer in such a way that because it is off center there will be a seep oil leak result. Either the threads should not be removed from that area or the now reduced diameter of the valve body should be left in full 5/8 inch diameter so the seal washer will remain centered and do a proper job of sealing the installation. Regards, Lew Gage

Lew G
March 1, 2020


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Q: What size tubing is needed to go from the S6250 drain valve to catch bucket?

It uses a 3/8" hose.

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